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Tributes to the FetishCellar Mistresses

Wednesday, October 29, 2003
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Mistress Cassie
Thursday, October 23, 2003
Part 2 of sissyslutjackies story

After a few drinks, i found my self on my knees kissing and sucking Mistress Cassies toes. Mistress Charity came back in the room saying oh me too, i was soon licking and sucking for all i was worth , the girls laughing and having a good time. The next morning it was breakfast in bed, then off to the local mall. The girls each found a couple of really sexy outfits. We bought everything to go with them too new panties ,bras, nylons and shoes, Mistress Cassie really likes shoes ,she ended up with three pair.

At about one o clock i suggested we go to lunch. I took them to a really nice place. we sat in the bar the ladies talking about what they had me buy for them i excused my self to go to the restroomwhen i got back there were two men sitting with them. I walked over to the table, Mistress Cassie said to them , don?t worry this is my sissy jackie he won?t bother you.

Cassie told me to go sit at the bar and she would call if she needed me. After a drink at the bar Mistress called me over she told me to take all the packages home and put them away, to get dressed like the sissy i am and to fix a few snacks. She said they would be home later with the guys. I did as Mistress Cassie told me and before long they pulled into the Drive.

It wasn?t long before Mistress Cassie had her guys cock out. It was a large one she called me over. i knew what she wanted me to do. Mistress Charity saying oh yes Cassie make him suck it. i got down on my knees and she pushed me on to his cock with her hand until i had taken the whole thing.

Cassie then sat on the back of my neck so she could push me back and fourth with her hips. In and out in and out faster and faster until this guy shot his load. Mistress Cassie and Charity both laughing .

Mistress Charity said well you need to suck his too, you have to be fair about this jackie, so i was down sucking again . After the second guy got off i was about worn out and just sat there while the girls were having there fun .

Mistress Charity looked over at me and said to Cassie your sissy is cross eyed , they both got up to look. Cassie said they fucked him cross eyed Charity . This is Great , ive got the only cross eyed cock sucker there is ,Charity saying look how stupid he looks. Cassie have the guys do him again and make sure he stays this way .

Cassie called the guys over and watched my eyes as they face fucked me again. My eyes focused on the dick sliding in and out of my mouth, Mistress Cassie and Mistress Charity laughing there asses off saying we fixed this little sissy . Now not only is he stupid but he looks stupid too and every one will know it Ha Ha Ha ha ha

Wednesday, October 22, 2003
Testimonial. by robert

The following is my testimony, before Mistress Cassie and her constituents, as well as slaves, that I am a novice submissive who has been saving my resources as well as my energy to find a mistress whose radiance is so compelling and alluring that I have but no choice to worship her and defer to her every command.
My name is Robert,and I am a musician and an aspiring writer; but my gnawing ever-growing desire is to have an alluring encounter with a dominant woman, who knows more about what's best for me that I do. I hereby declare that Mistress Cassie is the perfection of this aspiration.
Mistress Cassie, I am so grateful to have your attention here. I did my utmost to make my first encounter with you one of longevity and of precious content. But as much as I prearranged the day that I would serve you, unforeseen, and for that matter inaccurate, obstacles are preventing me from basking in you glory.
Because of the splendor of what I was hoping for today, I abstained from all sexual gratification for 5 days, wanting Mistress Cassie to have my undivided sensual attention- which she ironically does. Mistress Cassie, I beg of you for compassion on my pulsating impulses. Could I please have the divine decree from you to relieve this ponderous tension? I am committed to being your phone slave many times over, and this act of mercy will do nothing but keep my humble heart close to my mistresses voice, and grateful for such feminine benevolence.
There are so many different kinds of submissives.

I always love meeting a new submissive to train and mold, teach , reward and or punish. Sometimes they are so messed up, I have to start at the very beginning.

first lesson: you must address me as Mistress Cassie. ALWAYS.

second lesson: you may not touch yourself unless I tell you too. You Will NEVER cum, unless I order you to.

third lesson: you are safe with me, however, you will be pushed to , and beyond your known limits, and if you lie, cheat or disapoint me, you will be dropped immediately from my hands, and blocked from calling again. I trust you wont let that happen.

fourth lesson: we are not limited to phone sex. I also do email or yahoo chat training as well.

Mistress Cassie
Sunday, October 19, 2003

This is the male chastity device that sissyslutjackie is ordering. He will mail me the keys, and wear the tube while I hold the keys. I gues she better hope the mail gets through, if and when I decided to send the keys to him for a phone sex call with me, Mistress Cassie.

This is going to be fun, isnt it?

M. Cassie
Saturday, October 18, 2003
Tributes to the FetishCellar Mistresses

At this very moment, I am discussing with sissyslutjackie the male chastity device he will be buying and wearing. This is all much more than mere phone sex. jackie is completely submissive to me and will wear the device until I say to remove it. As soon as we find the perfect 'fit' I will post it here, so all can see. I expect sissyslutjackie to take pictures and send them in to me for posting, so all the fetish phone sex fans can see how he looks, all locked up!

Cuckolding to the extreme.

Mistress Cassie
Friday, October 17, 2003
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And, more importantly, give our callers a one stop spot to stop and find the pso for them.


Thursday, October 16, 2003
Thank you Miss Cassie for allowing me to speak with you. You are a true professional Mistress and completely understand the sissy mind. You understand that sissies just want to be ?a good girl?.

A good girl is a sissy who meets the demanding expectations of a Mistress. One who completely enjoys the delicate feel of smooth silk panties; the firm, smooth texture of stockings; the restrictive bliss of a tight corset; the flirty, sexy feeling of a full petticoat; the feminine feeling of high heels; makeup, perfumes, wig, and the many, many lovely things women get to wear.

A good sissy serves the Mistress as required, waiting on her, entertaining her, being a good sissy maid, cleaning, ironing, cooking. A sissy will see to it that Mistress is always comfortable, that Mistress and her friends are treated with the utmost respect. The sissy will be on her best behavior, prim and proper at all times.

If requested, the sissy will sexually satisfy Mistress and any of her friends. Additionally, the humiliation of a sissy by Mistress and her friends is expected.

A sissy is always available, ready for Mistress?s beck and call.

sissy Michell
Phone Sex Challenge

Tonight/today we are having some fun, we being the ladies at - phone sex and - phone sex are having a challenge. We want to see who is the most popular tonight. I will keep you posted! Any one have any guesses who the winner will be?

Come on you sissies, slaves and other pathetic subs. Your Mistresses are playing a game, and its up to you to support your Mistress.

wink wink
Call ME for phone sex

Wednesday, October 15, 2003
Good Morning Mistress Cassie,
i enjoyed talking to you last night and i am glad you took my money , you deserve it. You are so much smarter then i am, so i will make sure to wear my ribbons for you and my panties all the time just like you want.

Sissies like me have to told what to do sometimes. Any way i had a dream the other night after talking to you. My Dream started with you and Mistress Charity coming for a visit. i had hoped for an in person visit for such a long time and i wanted everything to be perfect. i spent the last two weeks cleaning , getting your rooms ready. New sheets & pillow cases along with matching curtains.

Making sure your favorite foods were in the house. i planed on a couple of home cooked meals for you to but also wanted to take you out to the best restaurants , and clubs. i really wanted you two to have a good time. i even checked out the shopping malls for stores that you might be interested in, i was finally ready and you would be here tomorrow.

i picked you up at the airport and brought you home. i couldn?t believe my eyes, the two most beautiful women in the world were with me . We pulled into the driveway and i helped you into the house , i showed you two your rooms and told you to make your self at home while i went out to the car and brought in your suit cases, i helped you unpack and put your things away.

That night after dinner we just hung out talking getting to know each other a little moor although there wasn?t much you didn?t know about me.

to be continued
Friday, October 03, 2003
Hello from Mistress Cassie

I have several slaves, cuckholds, and sissies who are working on their naughty little stories for me. I am opening this page up to accept submissions from any submissives who want to see their stories, thoughts, pictures or other things of interest displayed for all the world. If you want to submit something, email it to me, and I will consider it.

In the meantime, I want to welcome Lindsay and Charity to the FetishCellar. Lindsay is a naughty little submissive slut. She never seems to learn her lessons, and is always seeking out a New Master to please. Charity is an incredible Mistress, whom I have been friends with for a very very long time. We have done many calls, and in person activities together, ,, wink wink.

The FetishCellar is growing. Princess Bridgette, Mistress Sydney, and Matron Nikita and I are very proud of what we have here, and are enjoying the kinks and fetishes presented to us.

I will be back later, the wimpy and pathetic little UPS man is at my door.

M. Cassie
Wednesday, October 01, 2003
Good Morning Mistress Cassie,

Our call last night was Great. It was nice to meet Mistress Bella and Mistress Justine too. I think they had fun laughing at how stupid and pathetic i am. and really got a kick out of my pictures , especially the one of my 1? dicklet. i didn?t think they would ever stop laughing.

Anyway Mistress Cassie ask me to write and tell everyone about our call. First of all i am a sissy. i belong to Mistress Cassie, and do what ever she tells me. My Mistress is very smart and knows what is best so i don?t question her. i called her and went to my car Mistress Cassie got hold of Mistress Bella and Mistress Justine so i could sing my song for them.

The song will be posted soon. Anyway they were having fun laughing when Mistress Cassie ask me what i was wearing. I told her i was wearing sweat pants with my panties on underneath, she told me we would go for a drive. [ thank heavens for cell phones ]

Mistress had me drive a couple blocks away from my house, park my car, then take off all my clothes except for my thong panties, then lock them inside the car along with my car keys. i was naked to the world anything could have happened. My neighbors could have seen , the police could have come by or young kids joy riding . i am glad it was dark outside.

It was pretty cold outside with no clothes 45 degrees and i had to get home to get another set of keys. Mistress Cassie and the other Mistress?s were laughing at how stupid i am and telling me what could happen if i got caught. i made it to my drive way, Mistress Cassie ask if i was excited i told her yes.

She had me kneel down in the middle of my drive way and start playing with myself, the other ladies laughing, She would make me stop and beg to cum, then she would have me start again, then stop and beg Finely she told me to cum. OH and i did. i can all most cum on demand for her. i came into my hand and Mistress Cassie had me lick it all up as always.

i went into the house got another set of keys and was on my way back to the car. Mistress Cassie told me we would do this again because it was so much fun but it would be much further from home next time. i know she will do this to me again and i will do it because i belong to her and will always do what she tells me.

The next time i am going to take pictures, on my way home so you can all see how stupid i am

sissy slut jackie
A collection of submissions from submissives. Laugh, giggle, and point, its okay, but know this, these people live all around you, infact, you are likely submissive as well, and will soon be sending in your own pics and story. Scared?

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