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Tributes to the FetishCellar Mistresses

Friday, November 21, 2003
Domination Phone Sex - Mistress Cassie 1-877-226-9810

Good Morning Mistress Cassie
Just wanted to tell you of a little dream i have from time to time . i think i have this dream because i long to be closer to you and want to be your slave forever. It starts with me moving up to Canada per your instructions. Why you chose me out of the hundreds and hundreds of others to be your sissy maid i don't know but i wasn't about yo question your decesion. i was so happy to be there.

You showed me were i was to sleep, in your closset with your shoes and i was happy with that. You inspected me to make sure my remy tube was on and told me it would neaver come off again. i was your sissy maid and sissies just need to serve. iwould keep the house spotless, do all the cooking, shoping for food, laundry , ironing everything to keep your house ready for company anytime.

Wake up time would start with me bringing you coffee to your room, laying out a joging out fit for a short run or walk . A little excersize. It would be my job to take care of you in all ways, healthy diet and all. Next would come breakfast then a nice warm bath. i would lay out your clothes for the morning, help you with your hair and nails and tell you what you have going on that day.

With your permission of course i would make sure you have three days a week that would be open for anything you wanted to do. Remember to remember time.

Now wouldn.t that be nice Mistress . Moor later.

Have a Great Day
sissy slut jackie
Monday, November 17, 2003
phone-sex-1-800-numbers :: Phone Sex Directory and Information

Its all about Phone Sex, Phone Sex Services, PhoneSex, Keen Phone Sex, Niteflirt Phone Sex, Independant Phone Sex, and more.
Live Phone Sex too! ( well, its almost all live,, unless you really are into the fetish kinky 'dead' phone sex ) ... yah,, sick joke, but yah never know. Personally, I have no taboos, nothing is off limits with me. No Taboo Phone Sex. No limits.

I could say audio text services, or sexy chat, or erotic conversation, but phone fucking,, oops, I mean phone sex just sounds that much better.

Some of the ladies here are part of phone sex services, others are independ phone sex operators. You can find anything you want in this new phone sex directory.

Chick in Charge
Wednesday, November 12, 2003
Tributes to the FetishCellar Mistresses

another message from sissyslutjackie:

Hi iam sitting here at 6:00am thinking of you, and how lucky i am to have a Mistress like you.

i know iam stupid and your the smartest lady ive ever run into, so ill do as you tell me. Although i really enjoy talking to you as a friend i know iam here for you to use and laugh at. Your enjoyment is my ture purpuse in life.

You deserve everything and i deserve nothing but your laughter. i enjoy being your good time it gives me a reason for being. i sometimes wish you could just hang me up and put me on display for people to laugh at and of course you would be laughing the loudest.

You know moor about me then anyone else and you should. iam your stupid sissy pig and will always keep my self marked with your name, my toe nails painted, / panties and pantyhose and my ribbon until i get my remy tube then i won't need ribbon unless you still want me to wear it.

A sissy like me needs to be used so know one would blame you for fucking me over, they would just laugh and say i deserve it. So in reality you have me by the balls, so maybe you should squeeze them, its up to you how hard. iam yours to do with as you please.ill neaver be a man to a women just your pathetic little 1 inch dicked little sissy.

i know your busy so i shouldn't bother you so answer if you have time.

ill do anything you say Mistress.

your stupid sissy jackie
Tuesday, November 11, 2003
phone-sex-1-800-numbers :: Phone Sex Directory and Information

Are you looking for a Toll Free Phone Sex Number Directory? Well you have found it now, buster. This phonesex directory has the names, toll-free numbers, pics and links to the websites of the sexiest phone sex girls on the net. Kinky fetish sex? Domination phone sex? Role play? Hypnosis phone sex? You can find anything and everything you need here. Phone Sex at its finest. You can even find links to Keen Phone Sex here.

Monday, November 10, 2003
Phonesexsation - Girl's Gallery and Phone Sex Maniacs - Canadian Phone Sex Service have ONLINE INDICATORS now!

I am so proud that we have 'available' indicators now for the hottest phonesex girls on the net. Just have a look at our gallery pages, and you will see who is available for calls, and who is not available. I LOVE IT, and I am sure it will make it easier for our callers to know who is ready to play!....

Besides the words, 'available' ,, you will notice that the actual picture of each girl is either bright or dark, depending on her availability. Pretty fancy stuff, eh?
I think its great,, oh,, did I already say that? hehehe,, well, its true, you have no idea how many different ways we tried to do that in the past. All it takes is a REAL WEBMASTER,,,,

anyway, I have to go,, I am sure my phone is about to ring, and I want to be stretched out in my bed, ready for some hot steamy kinky phone sex.

(wouldnt you?)
Phone Sex 1-800 Numbers Directory
Saturday, November 08, 2003
The Nutcracker - cock and ball torture

this email was sent in by a pathetic maggot who wanted to know if I would be able to torture his balls. the answer is , Yes, Of course. ....


are you taking calls?

just laugh and giggle at my painfully swollen cock and balls.... asking me over and
over again if i'd like to cum and relieve the pressure in my balls.... only to laugh and say no.. "boy, that cock looks sore and so purple..." "and those balls look awful swollen" giggle... "does it hurt?" "do you wanna cum?" "come beg me to cum"

how about something like ? save this email message and you can refer to it... just keep me begging and pleading to cum and just keep saying No, No, No! lol! bad boys can not cum!!

tie my balls up real tight and bite them hard and slap them harder. hahaha!!

will you punish me? i have been masturbating and you caught me... i've been sniffng your panties...

i have been a very naughty boy and i must be punished.... will you punish
me? i have been playing with my cock.... and you caught me.... spank me hard
got to teach me a lesson.. tie my hands behind my back so i can't touch my cock. and you tease and deny me. make em beg and plead and moan to cum... while you just giggle.... my cock will throb and dribble... my balls are swollen and sore... as i knee before your naked body... helpless to touch myself or you. as you tease me with your naked body.. make me sniff your fingers after you dipped them in your wet pussy.. scould me for being a bad boy... make me worship your body.... FEET!! tease my cock and balls
with your fingers and fingernails... make me beg over and over again to PLEASE cum! only to giggle and deny me with a laughing NO! i'll suck your TOES... and worship your FEET as i beg you to please let me ejaculate.. i kiss your ass.. i lick your butthole... i watch you as you finger you pussy,while my cock just throbs and drips... it is very hard and purple.. my balls are very heavy.... my balls are sore tender and have swollen up so big... you feel them with your hands and comment how full they feel and "oh my that must be sore" you squeeze them and I and my cock jump.... pinch my balls with your fingers... you scratch them teasing with your fingernails.... you slap my ass, you slap my cock, you slap my balls.... your finger slides into my asshole... slide your finger in and out of my asshole... massage my prostate... teasing and teasing... as i drip, drip, drip.. you finger my butthole like your would your cunt... you then lick my butthole like you would eat a pussy and i am drive over the edge.... as tears run down my face... it the most intense feeling that i have ever had... i am on overload.... you slowly lick and stratch my balls as i cry out please stop! i can;t take any more!!!! you just giggle.... "sure you can" hehehe

tie my balls up real tight with some string or dental floss, whatever and slap them and bite them.....

i have been very, very bad and i must be severely punished.... with some serious hardcore T&D, cbt, and a very hard spanking!!! an otk spanking! i hope that you are up for it.... 'cuz i have been very naughty... punish me!

make me beg, plead, whimper and moan, over and over and over again... to PLEASE cum, may i please, please ejaculate!!! only to be told no, as you giggle and laugh at my purple throbbing cock and sore, swollen cum filled balls.... please, god oh please.... my i shoot my load... ask me over and over again if i like to cum.... then just to laugh and say no, no, no! bad boys may not cum! hahaha!!! oh please, i promise to be a good boy, just please, please let me cum.. the pressure in my balls is building.... no, no, no... hahaha.... my cock just drips and dribbles, guess you'll just have to put a condom on it.... hehehe!! be little miss NO.. make me beg you to please just let me cum!

ask me if i;d like to cum... then make me beg your for permission to cum.. a leading question like that from you will make me think that you just may let me cum... if i am good, if i beg nicely and say pretty please, that maybe i can cum? maybe if i do a good job eating your pussy? kissing your ass? licking your butthole, worshipping your body? kissing your feet?

i am tied up to your bed and you are sitting on my chest you pussy just out of reach.... you slide just close enough and i watch you masturbate yourself to orgasm while my cock is hard and helpless behind your back.. orgasms for you, but none for me. your pussy juicies cover your hands and you reach around and slowly stroke my (ah, your cock) cock as your pussy juices cover my hard-on... you then lick and suck your cunt juices off my cock as I moan for you to PLEASE bring off.... I am SO CLOSE! you make me eat your cunt to as many orgasms as you see fit... you count them to me while i must wait...laughing, asking me "do you want cum, now?" "well, maybe after i have just one more" Then after another.... "come on beg me to cum, say please..." giggle.... "pretty please, say may i cum" "do you wanna shoot your load?" "say may i please shoot my load" "beg nice" "do you want to relieve the pressure in those balls?" "they look very sore" lol! hehehe!

my interests include, but are not limited to:

t&d, otk, bdsm, cbt, knife play, wax play, electric play, bondage, pussy worship, blindfolds, paddles, floggers, ass worship, spankings, body worship, FEET! anal play, golden showers. plus much much more....

i am naked and kneeling over a chair with my ass in the air. with your dirty panties over my head. sniff, sniff... you are behind me fondling my swollen and sore cum filled balls... and you swat and smack my butt.. after my ass is a pretty pink/red glow.. you begin to finger my butthole.. (milk me? ) meanwhile my cock is hard, dripping, and throbbing.. may i stroke it? please? you slap and torture my poor balls.. while stroking your finger in and out of my asshole... finger fucking my butthole much like you'd finger your hot hairy cunt.. you run your hands over my swollen cock teasing the big fat juicy vein...... waiting to shoot...

i stroke my cock while you get the rhythm and finger my ass... (or are my hands tied to the chair so i can not stroke my throbbing cock...???) in and out.. in and out... in and out.. ooooooo....... ahhhhh..... may i cum yet? you come to the front and stick your steaming pussy in my face.. mmmmmm.... (I love pussy pie!!!) you make me watch you play with your cunt and breasts... you have an orgasm... while my cock is let hard and throbbing... and dripping wait for relief...

The best handjobs I get are from my wife, Shar. She has a special handjob that she calls The Nutcracker. She gives me the Nutcracker when she wants to give me a real bad case of blue balls. We have a piano bench in our bedroom that we use for sex (when Shar wants some long hard cock riding we use the bench). For the Nutcracker, Sharon ties me down on the bench and puts a cock ring on me. For the first 5-10 minutes, Sharon strokes me real slow and stops quite often. She then starts to stroke my cock a bit faster, bringing me to the edge, then stopping. She keeps this up for abot another 30 minutes. By now my balls are hard and turning blue. She asks me if my nuts ache!! About this time she will get up and swing her legs over and sit on my chest, with her back to me. Now she increases her stroking with the bottom of her hand smacking my balls! She keeps this pace for about 5 minutes as the tears start to run down my face. Without warning she picks up the pace with the bottom of her hand smacking my balls evern harder! She asks if my nuts hurt? While laughing, she tells me to shoot my cum. I can't and she keeps on stroking, telling me she hears my nuts cracking! She keeps stroking my cock for about another 5 minutes, then she gets off me and leaves me like that until my cock goes limp. After she unties me we go to bed and I have the worst case of aching blue balls in town!! (Or as Sharon says I've got the worst case of cracked nuts in town).
Ladies.. if you want to give your man a bad case of the blue balls give him a Nutcracker It works!!
Wednesday, November 05, 2003 - Cheap Canadian Phone Sex - Dispatch Call Back Phonesex

Hurray, Hurray, its up and running. Our dispatch call center, for GREAT Canadian Amateur horny women!

When you call our dispatcher verifies you are over 18 years old, and authorizes your payment. Then, you tell her who ( if you know the girl you want) or what kind of girl or call you want and sets the call up for you. You may pay online with stormpay, or over the phone with Visa, $20 for 10 mins, and $1.99 per minute after that.

Its easy, and of course, your gonna love it! ,,, I love it,, and right now,, I am taking me shift as dispatcher,,,,

call 1-866-303-6969

wink wink

Tuesday, November 04, 2003
Phone Sex Maniacs - Canadian Phone Sex Service

Just in case you havent seen all of us, here we are!

and check here too!

Phonesexsation - Girl's Gallery

and here too:

CallWifey :: Gallery of Missuses, although the call wifey girls dont have their own phones hooked up, soon baby soon.

now, who is your favourite? ,,, tough, isnt it?

Sunday, November 02, 2003
Good Morning Mistress Cassie,

It's sunday but i think your still asleep. i just wanted to let you know i still have my markings, my toe nales are painted and i still have my ribbon on.

i didn't want you to think that iam letting down since ive been so busy this week. iam your sissy and i always will be. i can't wait to get my Remy tube and send you the keys. They said 3 to 4 weeks for shipping so we have a couple weeks to wait. You will have total control of me .

i know ill like it , doing every little thing you say and you will have so much fun laughing at me and making me do humulating things. i had a dream about this. You were telling your friends that i didn't get to come anymoor, that i am a sissy and sissies don't cum. Then you all started laughing.

Any way you have a good day and ill talk to you

sissy slut jackie
A collection of submissions from submissives. Laugh, giggle, and point, its okay, but know this, these people live all around you, infact, you are likely submissive as well, and will soon be sending in your own pics and story. Scared?

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