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Tributes to the FetishCellar Mistresses

Monday, January 26, 2004
Hey all you money slaves, money pigs, financial domination slaves and other pathetic scumbag loosers. My car has broken down and had to be towed to the garage. Tomorrow I will be calling the dealership to find out how much it will cost to repair it. I expect the bill to be paid by my little money sluts, and slaves. Do you understand?

Pay $20.00 or multiples of $20 by clicking this payment button now. The more my little piggies pay, the happier I will be. And, ,,, you do know, a happy Mistress Cassie is a horny Mistress Cassie. I will have a very special reward for my pet who pays the most to fix my broken little car.
wink wink

Mistress Cassie
Saturday, January 24, 2004
EZSluts4Phone :: Cheap and Easy Phone Sex

Is it always about Cheap Phone Sex? or Free Phone Sex? Do you know how many times my phone rings each day with a guy on the other end of the line trying to get off for free? I wonder if those guys try to rent porn videos with out paying? Do they take Playboy and Penthouse off the shelves and out the door with out digging in their wallets? Do these Romeo's try to pic up escorts with just their big dicks and horny faces for payment? I don't think so.

Calling for phone sex and not paying, or offering a stolen or fake credit card for payment is theft. Its also RUDE and not very nice. The funny thing, if you could call it funny, is that its the same guys over and over, and they call me, and every other girl on my websites, one after the other, over and over. I imagine the skin on their dick's is calloused, with all that frantic stroking, trying to get off for free within the first minute or two before we hang up on them. If you ever meet a guy with a long thin dick with leathery tough skin, you will know he is a 'wanker' - he strokes his dick while trying to cheat a free phone sex call!

Now, I am not in a bad mood, actually I am pretty cheerful, but, having just heard that familiar heavey breather, thought I would pass this along. Ya know, most of the time I talk longer than time paid for, thats just because I love phone sex, and playing with my callers. The free minutes are at the end of the call, not at the beginning.

The ladies at Phone Sex Mania and Phone Sex Sation are great! We have alot of fun with what we do. We use Yahoo Instant Messanger to give the heads up when a 'cheater' is on the prowl. We usually know the phone is going to ring with a wanker before he dials the next number. So, if your the wanker, give it a rest, we have better things to do. ( like talk to the guys who are serious about getting off with the hottest phone sex operators in Canada!)

Getting down from the Phone Sex Soap Box,
wink wink
Friday, January 23, 2004
Hot Canadian Phone Sex - Sexy Bridgette - 1-888-425-1633

Red hot Bridgette is back from her vacation and very kinky and on the prowl. Sensual domination phone sex at its best. Bridgette's sweet voice and nasty imagination are all it takes to get my pussy wet! Just think what it will do to your cock!

Don't forget to use this Phone Sex Directory to get intouch with the hottest phone sex operators available. Click the calling cards to go directly to the phone sex operators own webpage. Scroll all the way to the bottom of this phone sex directory to see calling cards from all the various phone sex operators.

Are you a phone sex operator not shown in this phone sex directory? If so, why not join us? email us at to get set up! Phone Sex 1-800 numbers directory has room for all the best phone sex operators.

Are you searching for new and kinky phone sex web sites? Can't find what you need? You will here, this phone sex directory is growing and easy to use.

Thats it for tonight
wink wink
Thursday, January 22, 2004
Phonesexsation - Cara, our wicked vixen in leopard

Cara is new at PhoneSexSation, and she is one hot sexy kinky phone sex chic! There's just something about her voice that makes my spine tingle! mmm, guess you will decide that for yourself.

So, lets see, what else is new? cause you know I just love new things, and new ideas. ...

BeaverPay is new. WE are now using Beaver Pay for phone sex, instead of Stormpay. Its really the very same, just a new name, Stormpay had to move the Adult portion of their business to a new name. Why the hell they called it Beaver Pay, I will never know. The credit card charge does not say BeaverPay, they assured me it says something discreet. is already converted to beaverpay, and,, and are being converted in the next couple of days.

I still think its just too funny, why not call it Pussy Pay?

thats my thought for this morning,,,
too much cold medication for me!

Mistress Cassie
Wednesday, January 21, 2004
Here's another message from sissyslutjackie

Good Morning Mistress,

Hope you liked the joke. i thought it was funny and pretty close to the way it is lol. me being the jackass of course. i don't qualifly for the tiger with my little dicklet i can't use , remy tube, wraped up in panties and panty hose.

i guess i am a confirmed sissy, for you too use and laugh at. i do enjoy it so. The last time we talked you ask what i think about sex wise. or what makes me hard. i always think of being used , exposed and humulated. Being laughed at. Like having 3 or 4 women strip me down in the womens room at the mall, tieing my hands then pulling my pantyhose and panties down to my knees to expose my little remy tube then leaving me that way to walk out of the mall with little steps and everybody seeing what a little sissy i am or having a women tell me to blow her boyfriend or he will bust my balls after he cums all over my face she tells him to ruin me so he grabs my little balls and crushes them with her laughing her ass off. i neaver think or get hard for straight sex just being used. iam hard right now , after writing this.

oh my. i wish you knew a bunch of laides here to have them do these things on your orders of course. For some reason the worse iam treated the better i like it and keep coming back for moor. It's like kicking me and telling me you want to kick me again and of course this little dummy comes back so you can and then thanks you for it. Youve just got a dumb little sissy on your hands and i do hope you enjoy useing me.

ttul Mistress your little sissy jackie. by the way i do enjoy wearing my bra, ive been wearing it almost everyday
Wednesday, January 14, 2004
Hello Mistress Cassie,

Its about 4:30 am your time and your sleeping iam sure. Ive been up for a couple of hr's looking around the internet, keen and so on, makes me realize how lucky i am to be owned and have you as a Mistress.

You are the Best and i know it. Iam so sorry i couldn't call last night, talking to you seems to realy brighten my week. i don't care if you let me cum or not or what you charge me. Its worth it just to hear your voice. i should be hearing about the interview on the new job soon, i hope i get it . It could mean a lot moor money for you. That would be nice, i wish i could give you everything i make and sometimes wish you would be moor demanding but your the boss i just do what iam told like the little dicked sissy iam.

I wore my bra four days last week including the nights. i hope that pleases you. i never want to displease you and will do everything you tell me. iam your stupid sissy pig the best i can be ,for you to use and laugh at. You are the most beautiful women i have ever seen, i am so happy to be yours.

Your stupid little dicked sissy piggy jackie. Hope to talk to you soon
Monday, January 12, 2004
The Fetish Cellar :: Mistress Cassie's Lair 1-877-226-9810

Money Pigs, Money Slaves, Cash Slaves, Piggy Banks, Human ATM's and Blackmail are all part of Financial Domination.

I talk to lots of slaves who fall into these fetishes. I enjoy their need to be controlled and manipulated, to be put into their places and of course, I love their money.

Some men need to be financially controlled and abused as part of their craving to be humiliated and degraded, while others are sexually turned on by pouring their wallets out to a beautiful Goddess and are not into humiliation and abuse from a Mistress.

Everyone is different, and that is the most exciting part of Financial Control Phone Sex. It works well long distance, as most of the men I talk to delve into this fetish in fantasy only, only a few are lifestyle money pigs, who live this way all the time.

My favourite money pig is also a sissy, and is very devoted to me, worshipping me with emails, phone calls and IM's almost daily. This is not fantasy but is reality, and a lifestyle choice.

I have another 'slave' who calls me occaisionally, offering up compromising and embarrassing secrets, taking the chance that I will blackmail him, and expose his dirty, disgusting secrets to his family, friends and employer. This slave is incredibly sexually arroused by the fear of exposure, and being blackmailed.

There is alot of responsability for the Mistress involved in sexual blackmail, and I personally prefer to stay within the realms of fantasy, and only with a very select few take financikal blackmail phone sex into reality. This is not for everyone, only those 'powerful' men who need to be 'scared' to be really sexually excited.

Mistress Cassie
Friday, January 09, 2004
Good Morning , Mistress Cassie.

Hope you are feeling good this morning after a good nights sleep. i slept well after being able to cum during our call.

You ask what i felt like wearing my remy tube and taking it off. Well wearing it makes me feel moor like a sissy. It reminds me of what i am, a sissy who knows he's here only to serve women. With such a small dick and dressed in my panty hose, panties and bra i make a Great Joke. i picture myself as being a good time at womens partys, being used and laughed at.

In my own mind i feel that all women can see right through me and know that iam a sissy. i know that women could never want me as a man, only as an amusement or maid or clean up boy. Thinking this way makes my little dick hard and that pulls on my balls. It can get unconfortable at times but thats ok i don't deserve to be able to act like a real man. i pay my Mistress to talk to me and to let me cum. Thats how it should be.

Ive only had my remy tube about a month and iam getting along fine although being horney all the time can be a pain. Mistress Cassie likes it , she likes to laugh.. Taking it off is a releaf knowing that i get to cum, its very exciting my little dick leaks badley with precum infact last night it was almost continuous.

Mistress Cassie allowed me to cum twice, it was Great. After our call i cleaned up, i left the tube off for a while but it's back on this morning.

I am owned by Mistress Cassie i concider myself her property and will do as she tells me . i will be sending keys to remy tube to my Mistress, she deserves to have absolute control. iam so lucky to be owned by her.

A question for My Mistress. Last night you ask if i wore a bra everyday and i answered no. Would you like me to wear one everyday to go along with my panties & hose? i would be happy to do this for you.

sissy slut jackie
Phonesexsation - Empress Andrea, ready to reign over the foresaken...

I was talking to Andrea the other night, she is so into Domination and Cuckolding, its incredible. She also does Hypnosis phone sex, and were comparing stories. She was laughing at me telling about the phone sex call I had where the guy didnt want phone sex at all, he just wanted to be hypnotized into believing he was a horse. I was very serious about it, what ever someone fantasizes about is cool with me.

Andrea and I did agree that hypnosis phone sex was the most interesting for us!

Hey, enough about that, ,,, its FRIDAY,,, and that means for most of you, the weekend is about to start.... hehehe, for me, its always the weekend... and thats just how i like it!
wink wink

Phone Sex Cassie
Thursday, January 08, 2004
Cock and Ball Torture CBT phone sex for those brave and foolish souls who think they can handle it!

Leather and Rubber whips to use when you call me for CBT ( cock and ball torture ) phone sex! I like to slap your hard cock with the penis and nipple whip, but I see they have edible gummy whips now too! I will have to try that!

Think about this, for all you guys that need some pain and torture with your phone sex. I am going to make your cock so fucking hard, make you rub BenGay all over it, and even inside the hole. Oh yeah, its going to be hot, and hard, and then, I will command you to get the whip, and counting out loud, very loud, you will give yourself 20 lashes. Feel it burn, feel the sting of the whip? Hear me laughing at you, knowing that your next task is going to be even more painful.

Make sure you have laces in your shoes!
CBT phone sex , I am having so much fun torturing those who are brave enough to call.

Mistress Cassie and Nice Cassie

Wednesday, January 07, 2004
PhoneHoney - Bondage and BDSM Phone Sex!1-877-226-9810

Mmm, I had the most interesting bondage phone sex call yesterday. My guy had a set of ropes and harness all rigged up, so that he was able to hogtie himself while on the phone, and the only way he would be able to free himself was if he could get to a small knife tied on another rope, and cut his ropes free. It was alot of fun for me to laugh at him while he pulled the ropes tight. The best part was knowing he was naked, with pantyhose tied around his cock and balls. I didnt realize how exciting it is to hear the first bit of panic in someones voice, when they realize they have gone too far, and can't escape from the bondage.
He did, however, have the most incredile orgasms I have heard in a long time!
Mistress Cassie

oh,, p.s. you will notice that there are some changes on both PhoneSex Mania and PhoneSex Sation, with some new faces and the removal of some old ones. I love what I do, phone sex is the most exciting business to be in, but it is not for everyone, and it is natural that some ladies move on. If your favourite phone sex maniac has left, or isnt available, take the plunge, and give one of the new girls a call. I am sure you will be satisfied!

wink wink
Saturday, January 03, 2004
The Fetish Cellar :: Mistress Cassie's Lair 1-877-226-9810 for female domination, hypnosis domination, forced feminization and all the kinky domination phone sex you can ever imagine.
I have been having the most entertaining calls from several sissy sluts lately. Sissy boys and sissy girls amuse me, and I find it very interesting training them to suck dicks and provide sexual service to my friends.
Sometimes, the other mistresses at Fetish Cellar and I trade stories and even trade sissies for a while, just to test out the sissysluts, determining who is the best cock sucker, or cunt licker, or, who is the most fun to humiliate.
( actually , they are all fun to humiliate - in their panties and bras!)

I love phone sex with my sissy's, I can scare them, entice them, and drive them into a frenzie, begging me to let them cum for me. ( sometimes I do let them cum, and they must eat it all up for me)

mmmm, who will be my next little cock sucking toy?

wink wink
Mistress Cassie
A collection of submissions from submissives. Laugh, giggle, and point, its okay, but know this, these people live all around you, infact, you are likely submissive as well, and will soon be sending in your own pics and story. Scared?

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