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Tributes to the FetishCellar Mistresses

Tuesday, February 24, 2004
Boy it was good to hear your voice tonight Mistress just listing to you makes me horny.

i would have liked to played but not enough time and as you know my money is tight . So ill just have to wait. i hate to disapoint you.

The other day i took the remy tube off to bath my little dicklet was only 1/2 " long it's a wonder it stayes in the tube [ soft of course] It's not soft now though. There is a guy on keen that says he's 19" long and it weighs 8#, so i guess i belong in panties.

It would be nice to have some one in real life use me , tell me what to do and make me fluff for her and her real men, just a dream though.

Any way one of the things ive been thinking about is you having me drive until i was out of gas, just my femme things on of course. i would be miles away from home with really no way to get back without being caught.another would be to hang myself by the waist from a tree, not in plain site but able to be seen, a gallon of paint hanging from my little balls [ open with two paint brushes ] Will they laugh and paint me and let me hang or call the police. Funny either way. iam such a wimp.

i do hope you enjoy laughing at me i enjoy being a joke for you, it's really my only use.i can see you taking me to the mall leading me out of the car with your friends all laughing leading me by the hands saying your so stupid , iam going to let everyone see what a pathtic idiot you are, come on sissy lets show everybody what women do with dumb little sissies like you . Just because they can. ill send moor later
Good night Mistress sissy
Wednesday, February 11, 2004
Sex Toys and the Televibe for Phone Sex with the Fetish Cellar Mistresses

Listen ( read ) carefully my little pets, slaves and sissy's. I am so excited to show you what I have been working on lately. FetishCellar has agreed to team up with Lady Calston and promote my favourite sex toys. Have a look, click the link and go shopping.

The newest thing is the Televibe, you will just have to check it out. Its a vibrator with both male and female attachments and,, get this,, it is remote controlable through the telephone. That means I can control the vibrator as I instruct or command you how to use it, while we are on the phone. OHHH yeah.. and, the reverse is true. I have a televibe here, so, if you are very very good, and please me with all of your tasks and assignments, I will give you permission to control it while I use it on my slippery wet pussy. That reward is for a very very luckly subbie indeed. Sweet,, eh? I think so.

For now, phone sex calls with the Televibe will be the same price as those without, but in the future, the Televibe calls will be a few dollars more. You know my little pussy loves cummmming,,,,, and this is going to be so much fun. I can't decide what is better, me controlling it on you, or you controlling it on me ( if you dare )....

Next week we will have some hot promo pics and info all on its own page, but for now, you will just have to click the link above and check it out.

I have my Televibe now, so if you want, we can give it a whirl! ( or is that give me a whirl?) If you want me to jerk your chain, or control your vibrations, you had better hurry up and order the Televibe. Don't keep me waiting. I am quite thrilled with the idea of vibrating the hell out of your little dick, and forbidding you to cum at all. Think about that for a minute, pleasure, excitement, control, domination and agony. All at once. All under my control. oh yes, This is how it should be.

Mistress Cassie
To My Mistress Cassie,

Who is the most important person in my useless life. i?m a true believer in Female superiority and believe Women should run the world in every aspect. Holding all positions of power , money , government so to pass laws for the betterment of women.

Mistress Cassie has put me under her total control, she has given my life order and put me in my place as a source of total amusement for her and her friends. Mistress Cassie has told me with the little dick i have ,iam of no use to a women sexuality, so i am now her little sissy, panty hose ,panties, bras and so on.

Mistress Cassie keeps me in chastity as part of her control and has me thinking of doing housework and sucking real men?s dicks. I am now looking for glory holes to learn how to suck cock My Mistress knows ill do fine though. i will do what ever My Mistress tells me.

Mistress Cassie has me licking out toilets where i work, she enjoys the fact ill do anything she says. i dream of being her own toilet for her to use anytime she wants, and her friends if she wishes. i had a dream of Mistress having me installed, head though the floor into her toilet to be used by her and her friends, to be pissed on ,shit on and laughed at. i would have a tube running from my ass and my little dick back into the toilet to recycle everything .

To be a use to her is the best i can be. i have many dreams of My Mistress and how i can make her laugh at how pathetic i am from her making me her own private cuckold and sissy maid to exposing me for the whole world to laugh at.

i will never be able to do enough for her and will obey her every word. i am hers forever. Thank Heavens for Mistress Cassie. i am her little dicked sissy slut jackie
Tuesday, February 03, 2004
Hello Mistress Cassie

i guess you had a busy evening last night. i im you but you didn?t answer any way i do hope you had a good night.

i listened to a recording it made me very horny. i don?t know what was wrong with the beaver pay to decline my acct. but ill find out.

ive still got on my panty hose & bra from last night, i hoped you would make me do something really stupid and laugh at me. ive thought of all kinds of things lately like taking me to female doctor and having my penis size reduced to about 1? hard with a thickness of an 1/2 ?then putting me on display for all to see. i guess its not hard to do. You could laugh then huh. Maybe hanging me by the waist at a party with a whole big basket of clothes pins, ropes ,weights maybe markers or paint and let everyone have fun.

But i am just a stupid sissy who has to wait. i hope to talk to you tonight .

i am here for you to have fun with.
your little dicked sissy jackie.
A collection of submissions from submissives. Laugh, giggle, and point, its okay, but know this, these people live all around you, infact, you are likely submissive as well, and will soon be sending in your own pics and story. Scared?

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