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Tributes to the FetishCellar Mistresses

Tuesday, March 23, 2004
Here is my story, Mistress. I hope it pleases you.

To this day I'm still not sure what it is that drew her attention to me.....

One mundane Tuesday after work I popped in to this bar I used to go to for a
few beers and some
wings before I went home to pass out in front of the television.

I had finished my wings and was nursing my fourth Heineken and anticipating
my fifth when I noticed her. She stood out like an Empress at her
Coronation. All eyes were on her, but darted
away when she cast her Imperious gaze in the direction of those eyes. She
sat there, at the middle
of the bar, in the middle of the room, in that tight, short red skirt,
tight, red top, long, raven-black
hair, and sexy, black heels. That skirt showed the most perfect legs
imaginable. Long legs. They were so visibly smooth and perfectly shaped.
Just looking at them made my heart beat like I had just finished running a
marathon. Her lips were lush, full and perfectly done in a red that turned
skirt and top into living extensions of her soul. Her eyes were liquid
pools of molten, black glass that transfixed all my attention for what
seemed like hours. Her nails were perfectly sculpted, glossy red. To me
they were the perfect fruits of a jeweler?s many hours of labor on the most
precious gems ever worked. Each jewel a masterpiece of immeasurable value.
You could tell by the way she carried herself that she was the embodiment
of human perfection. Intelligence, beauty, elegance, style and grace, these
were not mere descriptions, but a single state of being that she created and
exuded from every pore, that none have been able to duplicate.

Sitting there beside her, my eyes wanted to dart away too, but I couldn't
have diverted their gaze from her to save my own life. "Put your tongue
back in your mouth and close it. If you want to buy me a drink, I'll have a
Fallen Angel." That's the sentence that changed my life. The first words
she ever spoke to me. I remember being completely dumbfounded. It was all
I could do to nod my acknowledgement to the bar tender. After her drink was
served, we exchanged introductions, mine most certainly was more clumsy and
befuddled than a 12 year old after his first wet dream.

We talked and laughed for a long, long time. We would joke about the others
in the bar around us. We were simultaneously in two worlds. Hers, and
everyone else's. After some time, she told me she was going home with me,
and that she hopes my place was presentable.

We laughed and talked more during the short drive to my apartment, and when
we arrived, she was quick to run her beautiful judging eye over my hovel.
"Passable.... for now," she quipped with a smirk.

It was the single most fantastic night of raw, animalistic fucking anyone
has ever even dared to imagine. When replaying those memories in my head, I
am still overcome by a sense of exhaustion that seeps from the center of my
bones to every cell of every tissue in my body. I remember watching her
beautiful face as we came over and over. She milked every drop of cum out
of me three times that night.

I slept so soundly that I never felt her leave. When I woke the next
afternoon, I found a note carefully written in the most perfect script that
could only have been hers. It instructed me that should I ever even hope to
experience such pleasure again that I was to have a key to my apartment made
before I left for work on Thursday, and leave it properly presented on my
table with my apartment door unlocked. It was signed...Cassie.

With nervous trepidation I debated over the absurdity of such a request.
But in the end, I found myself at the local hardware store 5 minutes before
closing hoping that the key being made would really work in my lock.

I raced home from work Thursday, hoping that I would find the key and its
intended recipient in my kitchen. My heartbeat so hard it felt as though
it would rip out of my chest when I found my door closed and..... locked! I
fumbled and struggled for my key. In the few, interminable seconds between
finding the damn key and inserting it into the lock, I was terrified that I
hadn't left the door unlocked as instructed. The relief I felt when I saw
the key I had so carefully placed in a purposely bought stationary-quality
envelope and the note I had so painstakingly written and rewritten were gone
could only be paralleled by the complete bone draining exhaustion I had yet
to recover from. In their place was a carefully positioned, perfectly
written note that bore the unmistakable, intoxicating scent of Cassie's
pussy. My swollen cock was instantly harder than granite, and throbbed
painfully in my wanted! But the perfectly written note
instructed otherwise. It read, "Thank you for your prompt attention to my
request. As I stated earlier, I found your hovel to be passable for the
moment. That moment has passed. The next time you see me, I expect every
square inch of your apartment to be absolutely spotless. In the interim, do
not masturbate or ejaculate in any way shape or form. If you do, I will
know and you will not be happy with the consequences...Cassie." After
reading this, my cock was so hard that the slightest breeze from a drafty
door felt through my jeans would have caused me to cum as much as I did each
of the three times Cassie drained me combined. I started with the

A month had passed. I had not gone out once after work. Every night I came
home and swept, dusted, scrubbed, polished, I did everything I could to make
certain my efforts did not disappoint. I had not touched myself once. It
was killing me. I was aching to cum. I had no idea why I was behaving as I
did. This was ridiculous. I should just go whack off. I used to, every
night. Sometimes every morning. This was stupid. Any day I was going to
come home and find everything I had ever worked for stolen, except for a
little perfectly written note that would read,? Thanks, asshole.... Cassie."

Those thoughts had run through my head every time I inserted my key into my
lock for the past 3 days. This time was no different. I turned the key,
opened the door.... and there she was.

"Turn around and lock the door," she said. I did as instructed. As I
turned, my cock sprung instantly erect. My hand shook as I locked the door.
"Come over here," she said. I obeyed.

Cassie was sitting there on my couch in a skin tight, shiny, black pvc body
suit that had been spray painted on to her perfect form. She was wearing
knee high shiny-black spiked-heel boots that seemed to match, and beautiful,
matching black-pearl lipstick and nail polish. Her hair was pulled back
into a tight, high ponytail. Cassie radiated authority.

As I stood in front of her, the pressure of her gaze on my bulging cock was
almost enough to make explode right there. "You've done a very good job."

"Thank you." was all that I could reply.

"If you wish to continue to serve me," she continued as if I hadn't uttered
a sound, "kneel in front of me and polish my boots with your tongue. Start
at the tip of each boot, work your way to the heel, don't forget the spike,
and continue back up to the top of each."

Instantly I was on my knees in front of her doing exactly as she commanded.
I had no other thought than to carry out my orders to perfection. Nothing
less would have been acceptable.

When I had finished, Cassie blindfolded me and told me that I was to address
her only as Mistress or Mistress Cassie. As I kneeled there, blindfolded,
she told me that I was now hers to do with as she wished, that no purpose
other than hers had any importance to me at all. From that moment on,
anything that I did in her absence was only to be done in furtherance of her
wishes. The only reason I was allowed to keep my job, as long as it didn't
interfere, was so that I could support my efforts in her service. Without
hesitation I agreed, "Yes, Mistress, I understand."

She then commanded me to lay flat on my back. I did. I heard the unzipping
of a zipper, and felt her pussy, wet and hot pressed against my lips. It
was almost more than my cock could bear as I breathed in the exquisite scent
and tasted the amazing flavor of Mistress Cassie's pussy. She ordered that
I show her pussy better care and attention than I had shown my "hovel."

After what seemed like hours, she ordered me to sand up. I did, but it
wasn't fast enough for her. Mistress Cassie smacked my ass so hard it felt
as though she drew blood through my jeans. "Next time, you will come to
attention faster.,? she stated.

"Yes, Mistress Cassie."

She began to remove my shirt. " I have something for you.... a...uniform so
to speak." I was still blindfolded, but made no motion to remove it. She
took the utmost care when taking off my pants and underwear. Mistress was
oh-so-careful not to let anything touch my cock. I was certain that the cum
would just start to pour uncontrollably out of my throbbing engorgement.

I heard some rustling and felt something tight and scratchy slide up my legs
and stop around my cock, ass and waist. It was so tight I felt like it
might cut the circulation off to the head of my dick as it thrust out over
the top. I heard a little more rustling and was instructed to hold out my
arms. As I did, I felt something slide over them. I heard a zipping sound
and my uniform felt. in place.

Mistress Cassie led me to the bedroom, put something on my head, made an
adjustment and removed my blindfold.

I looked ridiculous! I was standing there in a French Maid lingerie outfit
and panties, and wearing a long, blond wig. I could see the waistband of my
panties straining taught to hold my cock, the top two inches of which were
above the waistband, pressed against my stomach.

"Sit down." Mistress Cassie ordered. I did. She then proceeded to instruct
me on the proper way to apply make up and nail polish and then led me into
the bathroom where she taught me to shave my legs. Afterward she presented
me with a garter belt and stockings and told me to put them on. My cock was
screaming for attention.

I was also presented with a pair of sexy, black heels and was told to put
them on. I did.

Mistress Cassie then told me that this was now my uniform and that I was to
dress in it everyday when performing my chores and the tasks she assigned to
me. She also informed me that from now on I would only be known to her as
Cindy, her slut. And that she would instruct me on proper behavior and
mannerisms. The first lesson I was to learn was to walk in heels.

I paraded around my apartment non-stop for over an hour until to Mistress
Cassie's satisfaction I looked like I wouldn't fall over. She berated me
and laughed as I paraded in front of her. She called me cum-slut, whore,
bitch, and laughed at how silly I looked. Finally she told me to kneel down
and remove one of my shoes. When I had done as commanded, she told me that
I had performed well and as I reward I could masturbate. However, when I
came I was to catch every drop in my shoe.

What a wonderful Release! When I finally exploded, the entire inside of my
sexy, black high heel shoe was covered with my sticky, hot cum. A little
had splattered on to the toe of the shoe. "Cindy, you cum-slut!" Mistress
Cassie slapped my cheek with her hand, "Lick every bit of that mess out of
that shoe, you filthy little slut!" I was nervous as I had never tasted cum
before, but I did not hesitate in the fulfillment of my Mistresses command.

When I was finished, she retired to my bedroom telling me to sleep on the
couch, and admonishing that I should go right to sleep because we had a long
day of training tomorrow, and that cum-sluts are really only good for one or
two things. She wanted breakfast promptly at 6:30 and we would have company
in the evening that would be staying through Sunday.

"Yes, Mistress." was all I had the strength to utter. I couldn't sleep in
anticipation of tomorrow's events. As I sat down on the couch I moved a box
out of my way to lie down. Out of curiosity, I opened the box and saw a
strap on dildo so large that my imagination reeled in terror, awe

Monday, March 22, 2004
Good Kinky Morning!
( well, its pretty good for a Monday, anyway...)

I was out quite a bit this weekend, and started telling a couple new friends all about my 'secret phone sex life' .... Everyone is always fascinated, they want to hear all about the kinky stuff, and of course about the heavy breathers that call and exhale at me. I love talking about all the fun and excitement, especially about never knowing just who it is that is calling, or what to expect when the phone rings. I also love to explain what a treat it is to talk to someone who is just discovering that their 'fetish' isn't so uncommon, and that I know of others who enjoy ( get off on ) the same thing.
One thing I have picked up on is that I have been able to direct callers to sites or on line clubs that are all about their kink. I know of several men in stockings sites, panty wearers, bdsm, farm sex, etc etc etc sites. I should be making a directory on the website, I wonder how popular that would be.

Hey,, ATTENTION, ATTENTION: Send me an email with your favourite sex links, and I will make a favourite links section for them, and post for everyone to see. Send the email to me at Cassie's Kinky Email and I will follow up on it. I think this will be fun. Don't worry about anything, I will gladly keep your identity a secret.

mmm, this is going to be fun, and, I think very interesting. I am officialy issuing this challeng to everyone, email me your favourite links and I will compile the list. The 'Cassie's Kink Collection' ....

have fun
you know I will.


Kinky Cassie
Wednesday, March 03, 2004
I am often aproached by sissy's and slaves who's Mistresses have told them to call me for specific training in one or two areas. This Mistresses enjoy sending their slaves to a professional for training, or showing off. I enjoy it too. It is a great way for them to humiliate and control their submissive, and is way to bring something fresh and exciting into the picture.

I don't mind this at all, infact, its very rewarding to take a slave and humiliate him, and send him back to his Mistress once the task is complete.

I am also often aproached by sissy's seeking out Mistresses on their own, or for hypnosis sessions. I love the hypnosis sessions, taking the submissives beyond their comfort zones.
A collection of submissions from submissives. Laugh, giggle, and point, its okay, but know this, these people live all around you, infact, you are likely submissive as well, and will soon be sending in your own pics and story. Scared?

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