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Tributes to the FetishCellar Mistresses

Monday, May 31, 2004
Dear Mistress Cassie,

i was so happy when you said that licking out toilets was a good job for me. i like to make you laugh.and do things that you like me to do. iam planing on sending you pictures of me this week. i hope i can show you after someone used it .

Everyone will know how pathetic i am huh . i was just thinking i need to be looked at as stupid & dumb so if you want to put my email address on your site you can . It might be fun to see what people say or ask of course this is up to you, i don't even know if you can but just in case you have my permission to use any emails and pictures to give out my email address and post anything i give you on the internet or on your site. In fact i give you permission to sell my pictures if you want or give them away if you want .

Hows that
ttul sissy
Saturday, May 29, 2004
I get the most interesting emails from sissyslutjackie. you can see his pictures in the archives, near the beginning of this blog.
This is one of the many emails I have received:

Hi Mistress
You should be getting up pretty soon, i don't know if you got to read my emails yet but i hope you like them when you do. Read your bbog .
i bet you girls have a great time exchanging stories and laughing don't you. Thats ok a lot of us deserve to be laughed at. For some it's the only way to get any attention at all. Thats what makes it fun huh. You are a beautiful women.
i was looking at your pictures last night on keen, you are so pretty and iam happy to be your stupid little dicked sissy for you to make fun of & laugh. My remy tube is still on so i didn't play while i was looking ,
ok Being a sissy and liking all the things i do i wish i could find a guy that liked BJ's so i could take pictures and send them to you. Then every body would know that i suck haha.
ttul sissy
sissyslutjackie's views on the way the world is going. ( he's right on the mark with this one!)

A tribute to all Women ,from one man who believes in female superiority .

As i look at the world and what a mess it?s in i can?t help but wonder how much better it would be if women were in charge of everything. What does everything mean, well [ everything] government , banking the two biggies but all companies should be run by women, from C.E.O.?s of major co. to the corner drug store.
If you look around moor and moor women have stepped into higher ranking jobs then ever before. Why you ask , there better qualified that?s why. Women are much smarter the there male counterparts, they use a common sense along with there knowledge to solve problems.
Men on the other hand lack this common sense and sometimes the knowledge to go with it. Don?t get me wrong there are smart men out there but women always come out on top.
Looking down the road a few years i can see women hammering out fair trade laws with other countries and likewise around the world, women are not pushovers and will make fair deals for everyone. i trust women to do what is best for them selves and the people and look forward to a female dominate society.
How do we get there , well it will happen on it?s own in time but to get there quicker voting for women running for public office will help or if your in power to promoting women over men in the work place is also a help. Money is power so we need to get the money in the hands of the women. i believe it will be much better for everyone.
What about me you say, well it?s true in time you will give up or be demoted to a lesser paying job to make way for our new way of life. Men are made to serve women .
Some day your paycheck won?t even have your name on it. it will be made out to whoever clam ?s you , your wife [ now your owner] , girlfriend , Mistress whomever. Anyway a man would be clamed and would be given a allowance of some type for personal items, food ect. That amount would be totally up to your owner.
If you want to hear moor let me know and i will letyou know on what i feel is comming.
more from sissyslutjackie:

Hi Again Mistress ,
Just been thinking about all the things i ve done and all the things i wish would happen or can happen and how i would like to be used or treated.
i would like people to know how dumb i am
to be made to feel moor stupid with no self esteem
to be laughed at and have jokes pulled on me , making me the butt
to become a public joke for all to laugh at
having someone tatto fagget across my forehead for all to see
for you to make me do what you want and not worry about my feelings
to be used as a toilet at parties
or to be used as toilet and left were people can see and laugh
to be taken to the mall and taken inside and left / with just my femme things on
to be droped into an out side toilet
for people to use me knowing i am to stupid to do any thing but what they tell me
i am your stupid sissy so you can kick me around anytime you want
i am going to try to get some pictures to you so you can show everyone how pathetic i am
Your stupid little pathetic sissy
This is from sissyslut jackie, on may 22, 2004. he is so very very pathetic!

Hello Mistress,
How are you today? Just thought I would write. I know you have been busy and haven?t had a lot of time lately for talking. That?s ok I understand and feel lucky that you can give me anytime at all.
I have been wearing my bra every day now, along with my other femme things just to make sure I don?t ever think of myself as a man. Of course you know better ha ha. Anyone with a 2? dicklett cannot be a man , right.
I am just something for you to laugh at and make do stupid things. I love making you laugh by doing these crazy things. I am still licking out the toilets at the store he he. It?s like you told me to do it to make myself useful and while I am cleaning them your standing there laughing at me for being soooo stupid.
I can see you laughing. But that?s what I am for to use make fun of and to be a joke for you.
Iam so glad that I belong to you and I know that you will drain me someday and that?s ok .You deserve all that I have. If you told me to start sending you my whole check, I would. Then you could really laugh at this stupid sissy. I had a dream the other night , you drained me totally then took all my clothes except for my panties ,bra & nylons then put me on the street for everyone to laugh at, of course you would be laughing the best knowing that you exposed me, drained me and ruined me so all would know what I am.
I am here for your fun Mistress and will always do as you tell me. I have to keep you laughing.
Tuesday, May 25, 2004
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Phone Sex and Phone Sex are my two favourite websites. ( Go figure )

Smoooches,,, I just got home this afternoon from all the 'girl gossip'.... got my nails done, my hair done, had fancy coffees, and made plans for a girls night out. (I'd much rather a hot night with my red hot man,,, but,, he's outta town) so.. a girls just gotta go out with the girlfriends.

Its so funny. Some of my friends are all excited about phone sex, and some of them are just PRUDES... and the funniest thing is , you can never tell who is who until they decide to try it. My kinkiest girl friend is NOT shy at all, except when it comes to phone sex. Too bad boys, she is really hot, but unless you take her for a few dates, you will never find out just how kinky she is.

I would love to know how many guys and how many girls are reading my 'confession' ... could you let me know via email? Also, I saw a thing were I could have a 'comments' thing added to the blog, ,,, so you could add comments ... what do you think? would it be a good idea?

My ideas at the moment are all about being a real slut tonight.,,, and of course,,, the Flames Game.

wink wink
Phone Sex Cassie
A collection of submissions from submissives. Laugh, giggle, and point, its okay, but know this, these people live all around you, infact, you are likely submissive as well, and will soon be sending in your own pics and story. Scared?

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