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Tributes to the FetishCellar Mistresses

Wednesday, June 30, 2004
Okay, listen up.

July 1st is Canada Day, or Dominion Day, but here, it is actually PHONE SEX DEAL DAY!

We are doubling the minutes for the $29 and $50 calls for one day only.

Normal rates $29 for 15 minutes, SPECIAL $29 for Half Hour
$50 for 30 minutes, SPECIAL $50 for an Hour

This special applies only on July 1, 2004, so don't be late.

see the Ladies at and

You must mention this special deal to get the special prices, so don't forget to say where you read it!


Monday, June 28, 2004
Way to go sissyslutjackie, for spreading the word!

Hi Mistress, Well about last night, this guy came in around 3:00 am i had neaver seen him before he bought some snuff and started talking to me like i was his bartender , asking me if it ever seems to me that you can't do anything right for a women .
Told me his wife was unfair . He told her he was going to the store she wanted to know what store and gave him like 10 min. to get back home. He saidthat she stayes out to 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning on the weekends but he has to be home right after work or she starts yelling & throwing things. He said that his mother and law gets into it with him so hes got two of them to defend against. He said what ever he does he's in trouble.
He finally ask me what i thought Well i told him his wife was doing what shes suposed to. That she has the right to go out and do whatever she wants , shes knows what she is doing. and i told him that he had the right to do what his wife ask and if he did and didn't question her he would be much happyer . i told him not to fight her just do for her and please her anyway he could and things would get better.
He didn't expect that answer but thats what he got. He told me he got a settlement of some kind i don't know how many $ but he bought a chevy Blazer [ Used one] said his wife really got mad at that and it was his money. i told him it was her money and should have been given to her . If a car was needed she would have taken care of it.
i don't know what he thought of my answers but he got them he he he.

Yep sissy, thats a perfect answer to that guys blues, If he would just do as he was told, he would be much happier!
Mistress Cassie
( ps, for the next 4 days, I will be available most of the time, however, from July 5th to July 12th I will be available only part of the time)
Wednesday, June 23, 2004
This was an eventful afternoon for sissy debbie! read what she wrote to me after giving some afternoon delight in a Motel 6 room.

"Hi Mistress,

i am writing this message,not as much for your
benefit, but instead for the benefit of all your other
sissies since you bestowed upon me your great gift of
having been present on the phone while i serviced and
received my first fucking from another male.

My morning started out with a visit to my nail
salon.At the salon i had long and feminine acrylic
nails applied polished with the same color pink that i
had applied the other day to my toes.Elizabeth my nail
tech put little daisy petals on each of the two
fingers next to the little fingers. i feel very pretty
with my nails. i must however; admit that it's kind of
hard to type.

i then met up with Michael the man i would service. It
was our first date.He is a strong muscular Mexican
American man.Once in the room i dressed in sheer nylon
thigh high black hosiery, put on my sexy 4" high heel
shoes.With my pink toes it was a very girlie look. i
then put on my water filled bra and the breast inserts
i had purchased.Then over that i put on a short black
chemise lace piece of lingerie. i then applied my
makeup and placed my wig on. Michael appeared to be
pleased. We then phoned Mistress Cassie ( i have a
cell phone with a speaker) and she spoke with Michael
and i giving direction and encouragement. i first
pulled his pants down and fondled his wonderful cock,
Mistress then told me to lick and suck him. He got
real big and hard and he decided to turn me over on
the bed where i was butt fucked in my sissy ass for
the first time. It was wonderful when he came inside
of me. i am now a real sissy whore and want to do it
again and again.

i am going to close now with something thats on my
mind. For all you sissies who may not have had the
courage to venture out to a cosmetics counter, a nail
salon or a female clothing store, you owe it to
yourself to take the plunge and do it. What you will
find, especially if you deal with younger women at
those establishments is that they won't condemn you or
make you feel uncomfortable, but instead will help you

My new life as Mistress Cassie's sissy slave is great
and i look forward to continued service to her.



debbie was a good little slut, moaning and sucking like horny little bitch.

I enjoy pushing my sissies, subbies and slaves over their boundaries, taking them to the next level. This morning, slaveboy willy was groaning and moaning, cumming in the restroom at the gas station, he was hot and loud, and I am sure people were listening and giggling at the door. I chatted with sissyslutjackie today, all about fantasy and reality, and that sometimes they overlap, and that it really doesnt matter as long as I am controlling the sub, making him do as I command.

Last night I talked to poopypants diaperboy. Reality was I could hear the plastic crinkling and rustling on the adult disposable diapers he was wearing. Fantasy was that I was right there in the room, laughing at him, humiliating him for filling his diapers, walking around with full droopie diapers. Reality and fantasy overlap.

A while back I had a few calls from a guy who loved bondage. He rigged up some rope and pulleys and gave me a step by step instruction sheet of how he could hog tie himself. I would order each step, verbally force him to place the ropes around his ankles, and wrists, to pull the ropes tight, to hogtie himself, and to know that he would have to crawl across the room, bound like that, to a knife to cut the ropes with, or call 911, or wait patiently , tied up on the floor until his girlfriend returned home in a few hours. That is reality.

I have had calls with a men who want me to be a mermaid, or alien woman covered in a thousand tongues, or a 200 foot tall naked metallic woman, or their mother-in-law or sister or brother, or any imaginable being. All very very hot and erotic. That is fantasy.

I could go on and on and on about phone sex, sexuality, whats erotic and more, but, well, I don't have to do it all in one day, and can't anyway, have to find something to drink, get showered and dressed, and ready for dinner out on the town.

Be horny and ready when I get back.
M. Cassie
Tuesday, June 22, 2004
Ready for todays updates?
I laughed so hard this morning at my poor slaveboy willy. I called him earlier than he expected today, he was driving his car, and I teased him unmercifuly until he came in his pants! He had to turn around and go home and change before he could go to work. slaveboy is learning that I control when and where he cums. Next maybe I will forbid him from cumming at all.
wink wink.

And this is the email I received from slutty little sissy debbie:

Hi Mistress,

It always amazes me how things somehow have away of
working out!

Please recall our conversation of earlier today,
during which i expressed my apprehensions concerning
tomorrows date with "Bud".However; by the end of our
conversation it was decided that i should indeed keep
my date, but at any sign of trouble you gave me
permission to flee. i appreciate that.

After our call i received a voice mail message from
Bud, saying that he was sorry but he had to cancel our
date and that he would be leaving for a two week trip
to San Diego in the morning. He also suggested he'd
contact me upon his return. i won't hold my breath.

i then called Michael and asked him if he would like
to meet tomorrow and he agreed. We plan to meet at
about 11:30 AM, so please expect a call from Michael
and me at that time.i imagine that we will need approx
a half hour of booked time or if you think it might
take longer please set up what you think is best.



So tomorrow, I will be expecting a call from debbie and Michael, and I will be instructing little slutty debbie in how to service a man, how to suck a big cock! Whore class 101.

The other day I was chatting with a previous caller of mine, actually my very first 'feminization' caller that I have kept in touch with for 3 years now. He told me that reading this blog was turning him on, and I don't doubt it. I can only imagine how many sissies, submissives and slaves are reading this, but I do know that all of them are playing with their pussies, panties and little dickies!

Ha Ha Ha
Mistress Cassie
Monday, June 21, 2004
I am back , posting more emails from sissy debbie:

Hi Mistress Cassie,
Just wanted to let you know i have completed all my
shopping for this weeks big events.

i also met and had coffee with Michael.He is a
distinguished looking Mexican American man who is in
very good shape. i met him at the mall where i had
just purchased a number of items from Fredericks of
Hollywood. i got him excited by showing him each of
the articles and we have set Thursday for our first
intimate moments.

i also spoke to Bud over the phone and described to
him what i had purchased.He also is looking forward to
our meeting. By the way we will meet at a local motel
on Wednesday at approx 12:30PM Pacific time, and hope
to call you then. i am not sure exactly where your at
so do you think you will be available at that time?
Please let me know.

i can clearly see why women are the superior sex. i
have not even had the oppurtunity to be with either of
my two guys and already both seem to be excited and i
in my femine persona am manipulating both of them. i
can see where if i can perform even to an average
level both of them will be begging me for more. i feel
wicked and powerful.



And, I did get mail today at the post office. A big fat money order.
wink wink
Mistress Cassie.
Well well well, I have another message from slaveboy willy. I spoke to him this morning while he was driving to the carwash. It was very very amusing, I had him squirming in his pants! He was so hot and horny, had to pull into a parking lot and jerk his big black cock for me, right there in the car. I can only imagine how many other drivers saw him there, jerking off, listening to him moaning and cumming for me.
I just love teasing him, threatening him to make him cum in public, or worse, telling him I will forbid him from cumming at all! Here's what slaveboy had to say about it:

Mistress Cassie,thank you for letting me have a talk again today. Even though you only told me how useless i am and how you would never have sex with a useless slave like me but only a real man. i hope you don't do what you threatened to do, that is make me wait days to talk to you and then not let me cum. i know you will walk me down the street or through the park on a leash and i know my place is to worship you and to provide your every need, but please don't punish me by making me wait, i will be a good slave and will serve you well. you know i am under your control and you laugh at me when i beg you. please don't make me wait.
slave boy.

I am on my way out for a bit.... going to check the post office, see if there are any presents for me today.
wink wink
Mistress Cassie

Sunday, June 20, 2004
Mistress Cassie,
Each and every time i speak with you, my determination
to serve you grows stronger and stronger. i adore you
and want only to please you.

During this evenings session we discussed in greater
detail my up coming dates with both Michael and Bud.
You asked me which of the two gentlemen i felt most
comfortable with at this moment in time. i told you
that since i speak with Michael each day, he is the
one i am now most attracted to.

You then asked me to describe what i thought might
happen during Michaels and my first meeting. i
anticipate that we would get a motel room and that i
would arrive early to make myself ready for him.My
nails would be polished, I'd apply my makeup carefully
and get dressed making sure i looked good.I'd apply a
liberal amount of perfume to obtain that wonderful
girlie scent and be as beautiful and sexy for Michael
as i could ever hope to be. When he arrives i will
greet him with a warm hug and kiss, then take his hand
and lead him to the love seat at the other side of the
room. My attitude would be submissive and eager to
please. He will know that he is in complete control
and that i will serve him however he wants, gently and
as a submissive female would. i might even serve him a
lite alcoholic beverage to get rid of any fears or
tensions he might have.With warm and tender kisses and
caressing his body i will have him relaxed and feeling
wonderfully in control.He should be getting hotter by
now and i will start slowly undressing him,continuing
to kiss, touch and caress him. Finally, i will make my
way to his balls and cock where i will lick, touch and
suck him to pleasure. He will explode with all his cum
into my mouth. So much come that i will gag, but
ultimately i will swallow every precious warm drop of
his man cum. Slowly i will make my way around to his
ass. i will spread his cheeks gently and with my warm
tough passion his ass mentally taking him further into
bliss. By then he will have recovered his stamina and
will turn me over by my hips exposing my virgin ass to
his Hugh 8" cock. He inserts into me and pumps at
first slowly, then with momentum faster and faster
until he once again explodes his cum up into my sissy
ass. It feels so good to be used.i will then clean him
up and await his next command. i want him to think of
me as his bitch, someone who is at his beck and call
anytime he wants me to serve him.

i have similar thoughts regarding Bud.

Thanks to Mistress Cassie i am feeling more and more
like the sissy i am. i am so thankful i came upon her.


I have another email to share with everyone, this one from a sissy named 'debbie'.

Dear Mistress Cassie,
It's Sunday morning and i am home alone.As you know i
am anticipating two first dates this week. i am
greatful to you for giving me the courage to take the
necessary steps to first of all communicate my desires
with each of the two men, and look forward to you
pushing me further toward and instructing me in how to
please them.
This morning, i have been training with my large plug.
The training is going slow and i can't seem to get it
all the way in.Hopefully, i will eventually get it in
place so that the streching can take place.
i am also anticiapating a shopping trip.Bud indicated
he'd like me in black nylons and a black slip. i am
thinking of taking it a bit further for Bud and
Michael.i'd like to get some lipstick, makeup for my
face and eye makeup.i presently have my toes painted
pink with a dainty flower on each of the big toes and
have an early morning appointment with the nail salon
on Wednesday to have acyrilic nails applied painted in
the same pink as my toes.i also want to see if i can
find a water bra (black) with breast inserts that i
can also add to fill them out, and get a wig. i have
already gotten a wonderful pair of 4" black high
heels.To top it off i want to get a light girlie
i have also considered my demeanor. i first intend to
fully serve you and comply with any and all of your
instructions.i am devoted to you and want to please
you.i then intend to completely be submissive to
Michael and Bud. i will do what they tell me to do
whatever that is and act very meekly and passievly
toward them.
Thank you again for all your help.



Thats it for now, just going to pour a glass of wine and log in,
Mistress Cassie
Friday, June 18, 2004
  Tributes to the FetishCellar Mistresses
Just testing the 'comments section"
This is my email today from slaveboy willy. I asked him to write about his call from this morning.

i was lucky (or unlucky) enough to have a call with Mistress Cassie on my commuter train to and from work. She teased me while i sat around with a car full of passengers. it was all i could do to keep from letting on that i was about to explode. She had me so exicited i could hardly walk. needless to say, she did not allow me to, nor could i, release the pressure she had so carefully built up in me. what a cruel Mistress she can be! on the trip in, she had me cum after i got to my destination. she even told me what to say when i came. guess what? now i'll be looking forward to Mistress Cassie's domination and humiliation on the train.
slave boy.
Hello Mistress Cassie,
I enjoyed talking with you yesterday. I wish I was your personal sissy to do all your housework ,lawn work anything you said. That would be great.
Of course I know I would have to work at a reg. job too and give you all the money . That?s the way it should be huh, dumb little sissies don?t have any use for money ha ha .There just for Mistress to use and make fun of. Do you know how much fun you could have with me , I don?t think you would ever stop laughing Oh Ya__________haha
Well ill have to write moor on this.
Sissy slut jackie

That is my email today from Sissyslut jackie.
Mistress Cassie
Good news boys and girls, We have yet another payment processing system underway. You can use this to pay for any of the ladies at and
This one is called GottaPay and it seems easy enough. There are several ways to fund your account, thru visa, mc, cheques, paypal, stormpay etc, etc. Please investigate it. Join up, and send your payment to Be sure to specify in the NOTES and Subject which lady the payment is for, so we can keep it straight on our end. The rates are $29 for 15 mins, $50 for half hour and $80 for an hour.
Eventually we will have personalized payment buttons on each girls webpage , but for now, you will have to type it in yourself!

Register at GottaPay

hope this makes things a bit easier for everyone.

You can still use
iKobo although I understand they are having a hard time with Mastercards.

Register at Ikobo

wink wink

Thursday, June 17, 2004
hey horny people

( hehe got your attention, didnt I? )
Well, I have been chatting with Siren Sara today and Princess Bridgette last night, and reading their blog posts about fucktoy and really think they are way too easy on that fucked up freak. I think they are all having too much easy fun, especially fuckerhead. He gets what he wants, cumming all over the place like some kind of freaking pornfuckingstar.
I told both of the Mistresses ( Sarah and Bridgette ) to make fucktoy understand that he is there for their pleasure, not his, and that a true submissive is greatful for any treatment he gets from his Mistress. I want the Mistresses to treat this little fuckerfaggottoy like the peice of shit toy he is, and to really tease him. Make him beg for days, in agony to jerk his pecker. Then we'll really see a big load of cum!
I also want to see pictures of him teasing and torturing his cock, not just with a marker, but with ribbons and bows, clothes pins, hot wax and all kinds of stuff. I would love to see him with a cottonswab sticking out the end of his dick. I think all the people who read this weblog would really like to see fuckerdick do something kinky, real kinky.

There, thats all I have to say about that.

Mistress Cassie
Wednesday, June 16, 2004
Hello everyone. I am finally getting to post another story about the continuing saga of our friendly neighborhood FUCKTOY!!!

He called me last night to do a call with him. He had his cam set up so it faced his backyard where he has recently installed a pool and spa. Very nice by the way....he had his chair set up, a bottle of lube and his new favorite toy, his TELEVIBE. For those of you that do not know my little fucktoy, he loves to play outdoors in broad daylight......I like making him do nasty take his shorts off and walking all the way around to the other side of his pool and jerk his cock in front of the cam for me to see. Told him to cum running back and like the good little whore he is jerk off right in front of the cam....hahaha...told him once that someone was looking over the fence at him....Of course he was frightened but secretly I know he loves it. He bent over and put his televibe up his ass and started to play.....haha, the vibration had him almost over the edge and then I told him to cum all over his window...."Oh Sara, I knew that is what you were going to make me do.....YOU WHORE." I let him call me this because I really do make him do crazy things. All through our little session I was taking pics to post here so I do hope you all enjoy. I know I had a blast with him...

Siren Sara

Tuesday, June 15, 2004
I also have mail today from sissyslut jackie, check this out!

Good Morning Mistress Cassie, i know the best way for me to get any attention from a beautiful women like your self is to be, like you say an amusement for you. i know i have no chance of ever being your servent in real life ,but thats another subject. So i will show that i will do anything to gain a little attention.

You are so much smarter then i and beautiful. i am just a dumb little sissy for you to make fun of and push around. i wear my femme things almost all the time my nails are painted so women don't mistake me for a man. i am just a joke for people to laugh at and i deserve it. We have done many things since i started calling you and i know we'll do a lot moor. Under your thumb i will become the biggest joke anyone ever saw.

Here are a couple of ideas i had. How about me driving down a major highway , striping down to my bra & panties and throwing my man clothes out the window. This will be a place i can't turn around and get my clothes back.haha dummy me or maybe stoping on a bridge and you saying show me how stupid you are throw your clothes into the water of course i couldn't get them back. Oh boy i would be exposed as the sissy i am. You could laugh & laugh. Some of the things i think of would be easy if you were here like driving me to the mall dressed in my bra and panties and you telling me that you want me to be a dumb little sissy and get out of the car , of course you would drive away laughing at how stupid i am leaving me stranded. i know you would get a kick out of that.

we could go a little further and super glue a dildo in my mouth then glue the dildo to a light poll, put super glue on my hands and have me grag my ass cheaks. You and everyone else would be laughing ther asses off and you could say you really fucked this sissy ha ha ha . Maybe using the super glue still attatch a plastic tube on the shaving cream can then glue it in my little dicklet. i would glue down top so that it would not stop filling me and you could laugh at me while were on the phone ha ha ha.

Well hope you liked some of them Mistress Hope you wanta screw me good .
Your joke sissy slut jackie

Hi again Mistress, i thought i was running ou of room so i am starting a new email, to continue. if i ever get a call from a guy that wants a b j and your talking to him , tell him that i will suck his dick and all his friends anytime they want , all they want , you just want called so you can laugh and know how much cum iam getting.

Turn me into a real little dick licker for your fun Mistress. We could do some two girl calls too so you could both laugh ha ha that would be good. The pictures you have got an the ones i send could be published to the web or sent out to everyone i know that way everyone would know about me and could read a bout the stupid things i do . i will supply all addresses of course. You could screw me up good anytime you want that would be fun for you Mistress & your friends .

Just to let you know , i give you permission to use send expose me as the stupid little dicked sissy i am anything that might happen is strictly my fault and i will not hold you responsable.Now you and maybe your friends can have all the fun you want at my expence ha ha ha . Iam stupid and dumb and derisve to be treated like shit and exposed, my only use is for your fun. i truely want to feel so bad about myself that hideing under a rock is my only hope and laughter is all that i hear . i will send you the addresses if you ask me.

Maybe you could have a place on your site for people to send you ideas of how to screw me over , that might be interesting you could pick and then tell me what to do That might be fun. i don't derseve any respect i just dersive to be used by you for your fun and enjoyment Mistress Cassie.

It would be fun if i got an email that said Hey stupid go to the mall and drink all the toilets dry ha ha ha [ use a straw if you want & do the uranlls too hehehe in fact from now on only drink from toilets oh ya your stupid. Oh if you find a real dirty one and you want to earn some points. Eat it then you can be a shit head too

i could go on & on . i guess thats enough for now Hope you like some of them .

Willing to do all for you Mistress Cassie ,i hope you enjoy. After all you having a good time is very important

ttul sissy slut jackie
Here is a selection of todays emails from slaveboy willie:

Mistress Cassie's sensuous, sweet, soft, sexy, melodic, low toned and almost raspy voice, drives me to distraction. no matter what i have in mind when i call her, i melt when i hear it. slave boy.

Mistress Cassie, the other thing that i know i must do to be owned by you is to be a flames fan. GO FLAMES!!!!!! slave boy

Mistress Cassie, Please take 40 and pay for your beautiful hair to be cut today. slave boy.

Mistress Cassie, i apologize for calling you after 3:00 p.m. it was not intentional. i just lost track of the time. i looked up and it was after 5:00 p.m. please forgive me, it will not happen again. your slave boy, willy

I have been cautioning slaveboy to get control of himself, as I intend to keep him around for a long long time, and not to burn out in the first week. Its very amusing to hear his voice on the phone, I do like hearing from him, even though he calls several times a day! ( slaveboy is going to be a perfect ATM machine for me!
wink wink
Mistress Cassie
Monday, June 14, 2004
From slave willy:

honest, sexy, stern, sweet, cold, seductive, teasing, funny, controlling, All describe Mistress Cassie. But, most important of all, she controls me,
slave willy. and i love it.

i was lucky enough to speak with Mistress Cassie today. i waited all weekend and i am still spinning from listening to her. she teased, humiliated, and dominated me to the point where i was a about to release, but she did not allow me to. i have started to fall under her hypnotic spell and it's wonderful. problem is, what plans does she have for me? i can't wait. slave willy

I just love getting tributes like this!
Mistress Cassie
Saturday, June 12, 2004
THE CONTINUING STORY OF FUCK is an email our little pet wrote today and I thought I would post for all to see..........

Hi sluts! Folks just went shopping so I have a few minutes to touch base. I loved your latest article Sarah! Looks like I am getting a cult following! One thing though, I do think Bridget cares if I do get caught! I am sending a pic of my completed spa and pool area to tease you both for next time which with the folks here might be middle of next week. Notice the metal railing also, hmmm, just about crotch height too, I will let you both think of nice ideas for all those toys. Was in the spa yesterday evening when folks went to store and let the jets get me off! For real, I didn't even have to jerk myself it was so erotic. LATER WHORES, Fuck Toy

THis is getting to be quite the journal of slaves!,, a true Tribute to the Mistresses, I think.... so, here is the latest and definitely dumbest from sissyslut jackie. Its gross, don't say I didnt warn ya!

"Hi Mistress
remamber the other day i told you i had a dream and was going to tell you about it. Well this was in the dream but this is what i did for real.
The day before Yesterday i went to the store to get a couple things after i went back to the car i started thinking about you and my dream of the other night . i was fantising or day dreaming, any way i took a can of shaving cream that i just bought thinking of you telling me my little dicklett was useless and you were going to fix it good.
i took the shaving cream and stuck the nozle into my little dicklet. i pressed the button and the shaving cream started filling me up. i started a little at a time only holding the button down a few sec. at a time, but soon i was thinking of you laughing saying i am going to ruin you , you little sissy fagot hows this , and with that thought i pushed the button and just held it there.
i could feel it filling me deep inside ,it was like it was swallowing all i could give it . i held the can tight aginest me so none could escape thinking of you and your friends laughing and your friends saying things like moor Cassie moor,do it fill the sissy and all laughing.
This was a large can of shaving cream and i expelled better then half of it in side of me. What i didn't think of was all the compressed air i was putting up there too. After i decided this was enough i removed the nozle but only a little came out.
i am thinking that i put a ton of cream up there. It only took a half a min. and i got this feeling i had to pee real bad [ i mean real----- bad ] i couldn't hold it ,the shaving cream and air started comming out. I didn't know what to do, shaving cream was everywere. I didn't have anything to catch it so it sprayed all over me the stearing wheel , seats even got some on the windows . The compressed air was spurting it everywhere. i looked a mess.
after i got home and cleaned up still getting some to cum out every few min. i found that it really hurt to try to pee and none or very little came out . It took all day for things to return to normal. i was a little afraed i did ruin it for a while. No great loss huh.
i kept thinking of you laughing saying next time ill use the whole can, fagot.
Well thats what happened , i am glad it turned out well. i hope this gives you a chuckle Mistress, am i stupid or am i stupid. Your friends will get a kick out of this too i hope. ill do this for you anytime , just so you can laugh Ha Ha
sissy slut jackie "

that is one stupid little sissy, and I bet thats the most cream that EVER came out of that little babydick!
You can see pics of sissyslutjackie in the archives, September Archives of Tributes to the FetishCellar Mistresses You have to scroll all the way down, but you will see pics of him in bra, painties, with a pig nose, with "Property of Mistress Cassie" written on his tiny baby peepee!

If would like to hear from other submissives who are reading this blog, the stories of fucktoy, sissyslutjackie, slave willy, and all the other pathetic mutts who crave attention from the Mistresses are not the only subs, slaves and sissies out there. Email me at "cassie at phonesexmania dot com".. and if you know of any message boards or online groups that would enjoy hearing about our subbies, please let me know, and feel free to post links to this blog everywhere. The address is:

There, thats it for today.
Mistress Cassie
Friday, June 11, 2004
THE CONTINUING STORY OF FUCKTOY.......Hello everyone. Just finished a session with my favorite fuck toy. I made him go outside with his televibe shoved up his ass and play by the pool. He wanted to just sit infront of his cam for me but I had other ideas. I made him go to the other side of the yard and drop his shorts....He kept saying no Sara, please no, I will get caught. I responded by saying, "do you think I give a shit". He wimpered that I don't care about him, whether he gets caught or not. "Bridget cares if I get caught" he said.....I laughed because I know she doesn't really care. Poor fuck toy was so busy looking left, right and over his shoulder that he was having a hard time concentrating on his cock. Finally I gave in and let him come back to his chair. He ran right over to it...(I thought he was going to wipe out on the cement but he made it back), and in true fuck toy fashion started jerking like the good little outdoor whore he is. Started jerking like no ones business and before he could cum I told him to stand up, turn around and cum all over his chair. He did and took a picture to prove it.......enjoy all you fuck toy followers..... Sara....1-866-239-8311.....

Thursday, June 10, 2004
I received this email from that new slave I was talking about. Looks like he will be obedient and dedicated.
Mistress Cassie

"i just wanted to let Miss Cassie know that i am proud to be her slave. i know she will use, humiliate, work me and take my money, i don't mind. i knew She would own me from the first time i heard Her voice. She was very up front with me and i know i am here only to be used by Her. She knows how to put me in my place, at her feet being her property. it's just a matter of time before she hypnotizes me and i am completely helpless. Miss Cassie is the best! . slave willy"
Friday, June 04, 2004
Mmmmm, Princess B is back so on your knees boys ~evil grin~. Just had a hilarious call with Fucktoy. Just when I think I've had the greatest laugh over his hijinks, he once again provides the greatest piece of entertainment.

Fucktoy is putting in a new pool and it needed to be...ummm...tested out..hahaha. First of all, it took him forever to take his shorts off. While I was berating him over the phone to JUST DO IT already, I couldn't help choke back giggles at his head swinging side to side (snapping side to side actually) watching for curious neighbors. FINALLY, he jumped in and started jerking his cock, while I ordered different poses to capture for your reading enjoyment. At one point he had his back to the fence at which time I shouted to him, "OMG, there is someone behind you looking over the fence", hahahaha. Scared him good, but he loves it I know. It took a few mins for him to settle down and get his cock to spit out his goo (two handfuls of lube) and when he did cum, he was so nervously quiet I didn't even hear his usual grunt.

The best part came at the end, when he thought he heard a car pull up. The phone went dead and I noticed a really fast white blur flash across my screen as he ran for cover, ~insert my doubled over laughter here~. No worries however, Fucktoy Adventure lovers, he was just fine. Just a tad, spooked! Here are some pics I took, during the call. My fav is the one where he is hanging out, or should I say, where his white ass is hanging out.

That's all for now. Anyone else dare to be my playtoy?

Princess Bridgette 1-888-425-1633 "Just Do It"
oh it was so much fun last night,, super stressful - overtime hockey makes me crazy... i almost broke all my fingers squeezing my fists so tight.

smoooches to bannaboy who is now cheering for the flames... i think lots of people cheer for the flames and don't want to admit it.. its okay,, the flames are FUN.. Calgary is FUN... you know,, for the last 3 road games, the saddledome was filled,, sold out,, and the fans had to watch the game on TV,, from their seats in the saddledome. its very very cool,,, all over town you see people in flames jerseys and t-shirts, every other car has flames FLAGS on it ( mine too ) storefronts are all painted up,, its very fun. little kids wave signs and banners infront of schools, and the drivers all honk at them when they drive by.

only one more win and the stanley cup comes to calgary... yeahhhh!

the other exciting things is that i ask my phone sex callers who they are cheering for,, and i heckle them if its not the flames. i dont think the guys expected a hockey night in canada phone sex call,, but eh,, you get what you get,,,, no scripts here.... i am having fun with it. I always have fun, but this is a whole new topic,, sportsex.

I found a cool blog, with some hot stories and a guy cheering for the Flames (you knew that would be part of it!) BananaBoy23's Xanga Site - 6/4/2004 8:13:43 AM



Thursday, June 03, 2004
I have just joined a very interesting club, ClubSissy.Com - Online Resort for the 'Other' Gender and think it will be very amusing.

This website is free club for sissies. There is a video section, a personals section, links page with many interesting offerings ( I havent checked them all out yet) and a link to a yahoo group for sissies as well.

I know many of my sissysluts and sissymaids would enjoy this, as well as my Mistress Friends.

thats it for now, more surfing to do this morning.
Mistress Cassie
Hello all you kinky cockpuppets. Wow, it's about time I share some of my sexy stories of perversion isn't it? First let me tell you that I'm having a great time with my favorite fucktoy. Fucktoy is like a wild animal who loves being nude any chance he can, wherever he can. But what he loves best is having a kinky bitch like me on the other end of the phone, pushing his bounderies. There's nothing I like better than to hear him say, "Bridgette, that's as far as I'm gonna go", at which point I reply, "No way fucktoy, we are going much further today".

Just the other day, Fucktoy called me on his cellphone after riding his motorbike "up in the hills". I told him to take off ALL his clothes and take a picture to prove where he was. I wanted him to walk away from his bike until he was past his "comfort zone" hahahaha. It wasn't long before I heard a small voice say (he whispers when he gets nervous), "Bridgette I'm past my comfort zone, people could see me here, I'm out in the open". Well, you can guess already that I wanted MORE. I ordered him to go 50 feet further, hahaha and of course, he did. Actually he found a great stump to pump his mess on. I told him to jump up there and jerk it hard (and scream loudly like a wild man). He did and I laughed and laughed while he stroked, yelled and gave his man juice back to Mother nature. I adore my nasty Fucktoy. Every call is an entertaining dirty adventure and my panties get wet when I'm in the Directors chair.

Next post, I'll write about seeing the Televibe wire sticking out of his ass as I pushed his buttons. Off to get "dirty" Ixoxo Perverted Princess Bridgette.
Wednesday, June 02, 2004
Hello everyone. It's Sara. Cassie, I must say I do enjoy reading about your sissy. I have one as well and they are so much fun. I am a little bored with my sissy. Took him to the park yesturday, I wanted him to play with someone I had arrranged to be there at the same time. Well, he called at the last minute and said he couldn't make it. I was then stuck with my sissy. He can be annoying, especially when he found out my friend was not going to be there. Turned into a real crybaby. Showed him what crying was all about later last night.....hehehehe. Anyway, I would be interested in finding some new sissies. MMMMMMMMM love making them do what I want. So if any of you are reading me.....1-866-239-8311 ttfn.......xoxoxoxo
Hi Mistress,
well another nite done. you should be getting up soon, wish i was there to make coffee for you
i spent most of my cleaning time last nite in the mens room. The ladies room was very neet and didn;t need much of my attention. i do like the ladies room the best but know i have to clean up after the guys to, they can be messy but i just deal with it.
If someone wanted to have fun and they knew i was such a sissy they could stick my head in the toilet tell me they would kick my butt if i took it out then just leave me there for everyone to laugh at. i know i wouldn't move. Give you any ideas, you can make a fool of me so easy.
i feel you are so much smarter then i am . You must get a kick out of how pathetic and stupid i am. i know i am dumb and thats why people have always fucked me over.
i remember in high school i had a girl friend named Robbie, i would go to her house on Friday nite she would have me lick her pussy then have me drop my pants so she could squeze my tiny balls she would do this until i had tears in my eyes She would say laughing [ tell me your a pussy] then after she would send me home and go out with her other boyfriend. i am just happy i got to lick her pussy. Funny but true.

My x wife will be over tommorow ,i almost want to ask her if she would let me lick her ass and pee on me like she used too. What do you think? i know she won't let me she would just laugh but might have her husband piss on me.
well ill ttul Mistress i wish i could lick your ass and have you pee on me , that would be heaven
sissyslut jackie
A collection of submissions from submissives. Laugh, giggle, and point, its okay, but know this, these people live all around you, infact, you are likely submissive as well, and will soon be sending in your own pics and story. Scared?

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