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Wednesday, February 23, 2005
Phone Sex 101
Listen up students, today we are going to talk about the business of phone sex, Canadian phone sex in particular. I am posting my numbers, my rates, and how the system actually works.

I am a phonesex operator. (surprised?) I have listenings on some of the biggest phone sex internet companies; Keen - Niteflirt, and TalkSugar, as well as my own 1-800 numbers.

Keen - Niteflirt: Most of my listings are $1.99 per minute. I have recorded calls there too. You can find me under the names Eye Candy Cassie and Mistress Cassie. Keen sends cheques to Canadian Advisors ( like me ) once a month, for the previous month. The cheques usually arrive around the 25th of the following month. If you call me on February 1st, I will likely receive the payment for that call around March 25th. ( although it has been getting later and later each month!) I have spoken to various customer service reps at Keen and find them all to be friendly, although they seem to have their hands tied when it comes to speeding up the payments to advisors ( My earnings!) I believe this to be a fair company with lots of advertising for business, and very little systems troubles, if any. I wish they would implement an electronic payment system for Canadian advisors ( which certainly is possible ). It is very frustrating to hear " the cheque is in the mail" every month.


Most of my listings are also $1.99 per minute and I have recorded listings at Talksugar as well. ( more to come now that they have improved their technical system ). My Host name is Mistress Cassie at Talksugar. Talksugar sends payments by cheque twice a month, and the cheques arrive in about a week. If you call me on February 1st, I will recieve the payment for that call around around March 25th ( one month earlier than if you called me on Keen/Niteflirt). I have spoken with the techinical guys/ service people/ owners of Talksugar and find them to be friendly and eager to improve/grow their website/business. I believe Talksugar to be a fair company that is quickly growing into a well respected phone sex company.

Phonesexmania: Phonesexmania 1-877-226-9810 . I charge $29 for 15 minutes, $50 for half an hour, or $80 for a full hour. I do not charge by the minute, just by blocks of time. I am the owner of and of course find myself to be lovely! ( and I pay myself in a very timely manner!!) hehe

I promote all of these systems, some work best for some people, others don't. You will find the one that works best for you. Both Keen/Niteflirt and Talksugar have incentives for first time callers, and all three will connect you with ME. Which, of course is what you were looking for in the first place.

Mistress Cassie
Saturday, February 19, 2005
if you are the girl who called me in the middle of the night last night ranting and raving about pictures, please email me at . Your voice message was equally un-enlightening. First off, I have no idea who you are, or what exactly you are talking about. Secondly, I have no way of contacting you, no phone number, no email address no nothing. Thirdly, I do not have any 'stolen' content on my website.

So, if you want some help, please let me know what on earth you are all about.
Saturday, February 12, 2005
I have been doing alot of Hypnosis Phone Sex calls lately, and enjoying every minute of it. Some of my slaves are responding well to the post hypnotic suggestions and triggers that I am leaving with them. It is very amusing for me to hear them call back telling me of their 'strange' but not unexpected behaviour. HA ha ha ha... too funny!

I love to hypnotize them and push them beyond their comfort zones. Sissies become cock sucking whores. Studs have larger and larger cocks, cuckolds serve and watch, and beg to suck cocks for me. I do have fun!

Mistress Cassie
Thursday, February 03, 2005
IOU Mistress
Come on you stupid little piggy banks, cough it up now, send your dollars in to me so I can walk straight up to the most arrogant car salesman, point to a shiny new red mustang, and open my purse and pay cash for it.

Everyone?s dream you think?

Well it?s going to be MY Reality, and you are going to make it happen. I will be driving my new car as soon as each and every one of you, and you know who you are, stop playing with those wrinkled up little dicks long enough to pull a $5 dollar bill out of your wallet for me.

Write this down now, on the front of an envelope.

Cassie Jones
612- 500 Country Hills Blvd, NE
Suite 145
Calgary, AB T3K 5K3

Now open your wallet and put the cash in. All of it. Atleast all of it, actually.

Write me a quick note confessing how lowly and stupid you are, tell me just how much I deserve this money and you don?t. Tell me how you want me to speed by in my new red ?stang and laugh out my window at you!

Lick the envelope and close it. Put a stamp on it ( extra postage to get to me in Canada, dummy)
and MAIL IT.

IF you really think I would care to know your pathetic little contribution is on its way, send me an email at and maybe, just maybe I will reply to you.

Are you done yet?

Mistress Cassie
A collection of submissions from submissives. Laugh, giggle, and point, its okay, but know this, these people live all around you, infact, you are likely submissive as well, and will soon be sending in your own pics and story. Scared?

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