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Friday, July 29, 2005
Did I get your attention? I hope so, because thats half the fun. Shock factor.... BOO!

Well, wake the fuck up everybody, have a coffee, and lets have some fun. I am back from my vacation, all refreshed and alive. I have had some late night and early morning calls, am back in the swing of things, and happy to be alive. Oh, and of course enjoying the SUNSHINE. I do have some nasty tan lines to deal with, but that is all because of a ridiculous sport called GOLF. ( no nude golf, I am told )...

So lets see, I have something new to tell you, ( of course ) its a new website that I have been working on. a free membership site for LOSERS, pathetic stupid wimps who have no where else to go. Granted its not everyone's picture of a fun place to hang out, but, if you are a 'loser' its just perfect for you. "Don't expect anything other than abuse. Customer service? I think NOT. We don't give a shit if you enjoy your stay here or not. In fact, its quite the opposite. We hope you are truly devasted, humiliated and destroyed" LoserAbuse will be stuffed full of humiliating and degrading recordings, pictures, and stories. Actually, it will be a fun site for NON losers too, you can go and laugh at the loser freaks. HA HA HA...

I still have a hypnosis site on the backburner, it has to be done just right, and I am moving slowly on it. I am having fun, and that is all that matters to me. Self centered? yes. Changing? no. If anyone has any hot ideas, pass them on, making websites is a great summer project. And, maybe I will learn how to do some exciting graphics. Teacher anyone?

I am trying to plan a few days out in Banff, some mountain hikes and a soak in the hot springs always is fun, especially with the right bunch of studs. Yes, that is always on my mind. Did you doubt it? I always have a good time out there, even in the tent. ( or is that especially in the tent? )

Okay, gotta run,,, going out for coffee .. do you think I need another one? I do.


Kinky Phone Sex
Thursday, July 14, 2005
I am leaving in the morning for my trip, but, thought I would list all my girlfriends' numbers in one easy spot.

Charity 1-866-274-6674
Lacey 1-877-245-8444
Mia 1-877-686-2363
Sophia 1-866-239-8327
Nikita 1-888-781-1211
Angel 1-877-857-8837
Lindsay 1-866-554-4533
Cassie 1-877-226-9810
Andrea 1-877-473-4333
Sara 1-866-239-8311
Rylie 1-866-213-1220
Barbara 1-800-705-5350
Avalon 1-866-567-0869

Now that should be enough numbers for EVERYONE!

wink wink
and, call me when I get back.
Tuesday, July 12, 2005
Thats right, I am packing up and leaving ( well, for about 10 days anyway! ).

I am going to a family reunion,,, oh yes, now all your dirty family sex thoughts are starting to kick in, aren't they? Well, add this to the fantasy, I am going home to the FARM for a family reunion, and a town HOMECOMING...

The point of all this is I will not be here, although, if I can rig it up, I will do some call forwarding, just to see if it works!

So, how about calling me now, before I go. I leave early on Thursday July 14th, and might not be back for two weeks. Call me before I go.

Cassie 1-877-226-9810
and if you are SLOW and miss me, you will have to call one of my hot sexy girlfriends at or
thats that.
Mistress Cassie
Monday, July 11, 2005
Hey guys, are ya horny? I thought you might like some porn links that I checked out. Yep, I get horny too... duh...

Amateur Porno

Catfighting Videos

Gang Bangs

Midget Pay Per View ,, I just couldn't resist it!

Vampire Porn?

There were alot more, but I think this will do for now. Let me know if you like any of these, I found some real freaky stuff too, but don't want to give it all away at once.. LOL

call me.
Saturday, July 02, 2005
Lesson two in the cock sucking slut series!

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Lots of sissygirls, and real girls too are not quite sure HOW to suck a cock, once it is there infront of them. These instructions take the mystery out of it. IT IS NOT JUST ABOUT SUCKING UP AND DOWN THE SHAFT! Following thes instructions will make him cum hard, everytime.


Mistress Cassie

sissy training

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