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Wednesday, September 28, 2005
I have set up another Hypnosis Listing for the many phone slaves who want to try Erotic Hypnosis.

This listing is at a fairly new website, that I think will do very well.

You can always still use my listing at talksugar and niteflirt as well.

At talksugar, first time callers receive a free $5 credit when they call me.

At niteflirt, first time callers receive 3 free minutes when they call me.

Mistress Cassie
Mistress Cassie Hypnosis
Thursday, September 22, 2005
About 11pm last nite I get a knock on my door. I was a bit surprised cuz it was so late. I answer it and I'm really surprised to see my x-boyfriends wife Ann. She was a bit drunk. Maybe I should clarify a bit. My x-boyfriend is a gigantic asshole who broke my heart cuz he decided to choose his career over me. We broke up about 3 years ago after a 6 year relationship and shortly after our breakup he met Ann and decided to marry her rather quickly. I was pissed for awhile then realized that he is a giant asshole and pretty well got over it. Anyway I bumped into them a few times since they got married and even though I wanted to hate Ann I couldnt. In fact I feel sorry for her cuz I expect that he is working more then he see's her. I wonder if she knows he is Bi-sexual??? Anyway....Ann stumbles in the house and claims she was in the neighborhood. When I ask her why she is drunk on a Wednesday nite she explains she was out with coworkers celebrating and instead of heading home she decided to take advantage of her liquid courage and come talk to me about something that she needed to get off her chest. Too make a rather long story short Ann confessed how hot I make her and that she cant get me off her mind and everytime we bump into each other she gets so wet. This blew me away! Ann is gorgeous! She is a mix of races with long brown wavy hair with golden highlights. I think she is a mix of black, & native Indian, maybe Asian, maybe caucasion. I was speechless! I'm sure my mouth was wide open when she reached over and pulled me close. We had a very long passionate kiss. the type that makes you melt. It felt so good. I was instantly wet! After what seemed like hours we paused from kissing. She pushed me back like she wanted to go down on me ended up passing out on my bare I let her sleep and soon fell asleep myself. A few hours later we both woke up in each others arms. She told me she had to go and she would call me later....maybe drop by. I smiled, we kissed and she left. I was so horny I pulled out my vibrator and came 3 times. Ann has already called once this morning. She was at work and whispered into the phone what she wants to do to me tonight. I suspect that my x-boyfriend is away on business. I kinda like this little setup. A touch of revenge with a ton of passion! God I cant stop fingering myself! I'll let you know what happens tonight! Avalon 1-866-567-0869
Wednesday, September 21, 2005
lol....this naughty slave called me today and paid me every penny he had to hear me cum! The funny thing is he got so excited he ended up cumming all over himself & then gobbling it all up. I didnt even have to cum after all....but im definately going shopping! MeanMia
Tuesday, September 20, 2005
Just because I'm a domme doesnt mean I dont like to fuck. I just dont fuck slaves....ever! I like to fuck real men with thick cocks who can overpower me and call me dirty names. I especially love it when they wrap my hair around their huge fist while plowing into my cunt doggy style, pulling on my hair if i dont fuck them back.....shit im gonna cum! MeanMia
why do slaves love to worship my body??? Avalon
Saturday, September 10, 2005

Listen up sex addicts, freaks and phone sex lovers. Mistress Cassie has an announcement to make!

Phone Sex - is it Cheating or is it Better than Cheating?

I studied this issue over and over, and in the end, I decided it is not cheating at all. It is so much better than cheating. Listen to what I say, or if you are able to read, go and read the article. It explains everything.

"Is phone sex therapy? Yes. Think about it, there is a friendly ear paid to listen and encourage conversation, without any competing 'issues' to distract from the conversation. Women have girlfriends for support and listening. Men don't have that same kind of luxury. During a phone sex call, many men talk through stressful events of the day. Sometimes they ask for feedback and opinions, sometimes they don't. Besides the fact that 'sex' is a great stress relief, the actual conversation relieves stress and refreshes the mind and body."

Take that and think about it for a while, and then call me! ( Trust me, we are not going to continue debating. I am Mistress Cassie, and you will bow down and obey ME!)

Mistress Cassie

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