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Wednesday, August 23, 2006
Secret Confession
I have a confession to make. Please don't tell anyone. Promise? If I don't tell someone I will explode! This happened a long time ago but I have held it in too long. I caught my boyfriend cheating on me. No don't go! There is so much more to this story and I promise a happy ending! I showed up at my boyfriend Gareth's house unannounced. Normally I call him ahead of time just out of courtesy but I had been taking a walk and just kind of ended up there. You see I had been thinking about our sex life and how we could take it up a notch. He turns me on so much and he is so fucking hot.... but I want us to be try something new. To experiment with light bondage and swinging. I would love to watch his body move with others against him! With this thought going through my head I approached his house. The first thing I noticed was the strange little moped in the driveway. How odd? I don't know any of his friends or family that ride one of these. I decided to approach with caution. My woman's intuition told me something was amiss. I went up to the front door and lightly knocked on the door. I knew he would never hear it if he was on the other side of the house but I didn't want ring the doorbell...just in case. I stood on my tippy-toes and tried to peer through the small window just above my 5'4" frame. When that didn't work I jumped. Already knowing the setup of his house I knew the stairs began about 10 feet in front of the door. And I knew the hallway to the kitchen in the back was to the left of the stairs. And I knew to the left of the hallway was the opening to the living room. First jump I could see the empty front foyer. Second jump I could see bright sunlight streaming into kitchen down the hall. Third jump I caught a glimpse of movement in the living room. Like a shadow. To the left of the front door is a huge bay window that normally shows off his trendy living room. Today the blinds were closed. Odd... I walked past the bay window to the side of the house. There is another living room window there that opens for ventilation. I was in luck...not only did Gareth leave the blinds open but the window was open leaving only a screen between the living room and me. That?s when I could hear and see everything! Sitting on the leather couch was Gareth. He was shirtless. It was hard to tell of he was wearing boxers because there was a head bobbing up and down blocking my view! I was in shock!!! I was angry! I was pissed! I almost let out a yell and gave myself away when I noticed something strange. I immediately covered my own mouth and took a good look! The head bobbing up and down between my boyfriend?s legs were of a man. This man had a similar build to Gareth. Muscular, broad shoulders, tan and a round firm ass. The only difference was he was blonde with wavy hair while Gareth was brunette with short tight curls. I am sure if someone could see my face they would have laughed. My eyes must have been bugging out! I could hear the suction of the blond sucking my boyfriend?s cock. And I could hear my boyfriend moan and groan as eyes rolled back in his head. My heart skipped a beat as my boyfriend stood up and I could now get a profile view of the blonde sucking him off. I ducked a bit to make sure I was not seen. They were only about 15 feet away from me. I suddenly realized I was breathing heavy. Could they hear me? Probably not over the wet, sucking sounds. The kneeling blonde now stood up in front of Gareth and began kissing him intensely. Intense hot jealousy coursed through me followed by extreme curiosity. The curiosity prevailed because I stood there and stared as my boyfriend shoved his tongue down the throat of another man. Gareth placed his hands on the hips of the blonde and turned him around. The blonde craned his neck to continue kissing but Gareth had something else in mind. Holding the blondes waste Gareth bent him over and got down on his knees. While pumping his own thick, meaty cock, my boyfriend stuck a tongue up the ass of the blonde. The blonde yelped in pleasure and ground his ass against my boyfriends face. I suddenly realized with a jolt that I had undone the zipper of my jeans and my finger was on my clit, massaging it. Damn! This was actually turning me on! I was watching my boyfriend lick out the ass of another man behind my back and this was making me fucken horny!!! I couldn't help myself. The jealousy I felt was now because I was outside touching myself and not inside naked on a chair watching up close. Gareth's cock was rock hard in his fist. The blonde was pumping his own cock so hard I thought he would pull it off! Gareth gave the blondes ass one big lick, stood up and began to cram his massive member inside what must have been the tightest hole ever! The blonde squirmed and screamed while Gareth let out moans of struggle. It felt like an eternity watching him push that cock inside the blonde. I felt myself drooling. My cunt was soaked through my jeans. I could not believe how turned on I was! In what seemed like forever both the blonde and Gareth let out a breath once Gareth was all the way in. The moans from both men increased with each thrust. Gareth was talking down to the blonde calling him faggot and making him beg for more. The blonde was obviously not offended because he spread his legs wider, supporting his muscular upper body with both his hands on his knees, arched his back and begged for more while his stiff cock bobbed up and down between his legs. I thought I was going to explode right that second! Could this get any more intense??? Catching my boyfriend fucking this hot guy who was begging for more!!!! My god!! For a fleeting second I realized that I was standing between 2 houses, separated only by tall thick bushes with my jeans down around my knees. My left hand between my legs with 2 fingers inside me and my right hand sliding a finger in and out of my ass using my pussy juice as lube! My focus was immediately drawn to the scene in the living room when the blonde shouted he was cumming! He hadn't even touched his dick for what seemed forever and just the motion & feeling of my boyfriend pumping his ass was enough to make him explode! The blonde?s cock gushed cum like a faucet being turned on and off over and over! All over the floor! Gareth kept pumping his ass exclaiming how its throbbing during this intense cum. the blonde now reached between his legs, moaning loud and hard while pulling the last bit of cum out of his cock! Gareth was driving his cock so hard there was no holding back! With a primal scream Gareth pulled his cock out and pumped his load on the blonds ass, then again on the blondes back and then again across the room out of my line of sight!!! Oh fuck this is when I came with such an intensity I thought for sure they would hear me! My cunt squirted so much juice and my ass gripped my finger! I felt like I was having an outer body experience. I could see myself standing there masturbating like crazy in front of the window watching the 2 men inside grunting and groaning like animals! Holy shit! What an orgasm!!! I could feel my cunt swell around my fingers! Damn! Omg! In the living room the 2 men's groans had now subsided. The blonde was standing in front of my boyfriend kissing him gently on the lips the same way I do when we finish making love. My boyfriend grabbed the blonde?s hair and pulled it back to get a better nibble on his neck. As I pulled up my pants I heard my boyfriend say, "Next time we fuck we should let my girlfriend watch. I would bring her here blindfolded and tell her I have a surprise. She is so kinky I bet she would get off on it." With a smile on my face and without having to hear anymore I left the side of the house and headed home. I was still so horny I planned on using all my toys when I got there. My boyfriend came over that same night while I was playing with myself and told me he had a surprise for me the next day. I couldn't bear to give away that I knew what it was so I played along! Gareth made love to me all night. I came so hard and so much he almost drowned while eating me out. I was fantasizing about that same cock inside me, inside the blonde just hours before. I am sure you are dying to know what happened the next day. I can tell you this...watching them fuck up close is definitely better then watching from the window! mmmmmmmm and the blonde...His name is Dana...and his cock tastes so good!
A collection of submissions from submissives. Laugh, giggle, and point, its okay, but know this, these people live all around you, infact, you are likely submissive as well, and will soon be sending in your own pics and story. Scared?

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