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The Insatiable Princess Bridgette
awaits you for her amusement

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Her Highness awaits at 1-888-425-1633 | Yahoo ID bridget79redhead

You have entered the world of Princess, like a good little bitch get down on your knees as you read the following words. Before we begin, let me give you some warnings. I intend to break your will. I will make you feel like the waste of carbon that you truly are. When my time with you is over, I will giggle for the rest of the day about the pathetic little loser that thought he could handle a session with this Princess.

I specialize in TAKING YOUR BREATH AWAY and if you are a good boy, I might get hungry for cock and suck your juice as I grind my ass against your face. Imagine the smell of my soft, plump ass as I shove your nose inside between my cheeks.mmmmm intoxicating. Maybe I want to cover your lips and nose with my pussy and watch you turn blue..mmmm..that always makes my clit throb. If you are particularly lucky, I might order you to move that nasty tongue of yours in and out of your mouth, to give my ass a good licking or my pussy a good cleaning. I can leave you gasping in many ways.soft titties pressed tight against your face, or a hand-job while I block your precious air with my feet.

I get off on watching you gasp and struggle..and struggle you will.

Other Fetish areas I enjoy:

Foot worship (Stiletto heals and fuck me boots..yummy), Feederism FemDom (SissySluts and Forced Fem.), Financial Domination (What do you expect of a spoiled Princess), Leather, Rubber, Silk and Satin Food Play Bottem, Submission (only those who are truly intelligent can dominate me.don't try if you're thoughts are not at my level), Spanking, Flogging and Bondage, Exhibitionism/Voyeurism, Body Piercing, Golden Showers and Toilet Training, Age Play, Orgies (Co-ed), Tickling, Anal Play/Strap Ons and Fisting, Nasty Older Men, Forced/Tricked Gay Encounter (yummy)

This spoiled Princess has NO TABOOs, so don't insult my intelligence by making me drag your fetish out of you. What are you waiting for. Call me. I'll get my toys ready for you.

Wet Kisses

"Don't be afraid. Pain is only weakness. Leaving your body..."

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