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Beautiful, Seductive and DEMANDING Mistress Cassie

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Call Mistress Cassie at 1-877-226-9810 | yahoo ID cassie_jones25

Are you sure you are ready to call me? I promise you will never be the same again. Your most personal, secret, hidden desires are going to be my playthings. Oh yes, make no mistake about it, we will play. I will play. I will find your buttons and push and pull them, taking you up and over your previous limits.

Are you a sissy? A panty boy? cocksucking cum eating little slut? Are you wearing your panties for me? Do you need to be Forced to suck cocks to please your Mistress? I love little sissy's like you, I love to make you my little bitch, to teach you how to suck cock, seduce men, and be the true whore you were meant to be.

Are you a money pig? A wallet, a bank account ready for me to drain? Do you need to see your money slowly being transferred to your Mistress, to prove you your worth, you lowly useless maggot? Oh yes, I will bleed your bank account dry.

Do you need to be controlled by a Dominant, Sensual, Beautiful, Intelligent Mistress? The answer is yes, and it has already started. Get on your knees. Be ready for Me.

Hypnosis; Hypnotic Sexual Control. I will control your mind, and your body. Exciting isnt it? oh - you will never be the same again. I will put you in a sexual hypnotic trance, and explore your sexual limits, releasing your secret desires, taking you to places you have always been to scared to go.

Call Me.

other interests: feet worship, stockings/panty hose, age play, incest, furries, sneezing, humiliation

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