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Princess Lacey's Looking for a Daddy's Touch

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Lacey awaits you at 1-877-245-8444 | yahoo ID lustylacey79

As far back as I can remember I have longed for Daddy's love and approval, and nothing is more importand than fulfilling his desires. And Daddy has alot of desires. He has been coming to my bed almost every night for as long as I remember. I was so scared in the beginning, but not anymore. Daddy has taught me so much about pleasing a man, using my body, and making him happy.

Lately I have been keeping a dirty little secret from my Daddy, I never realized untill going away to school that i have all these perverted desires, I cringe at the thought of my Daddy finding out! I know it would turn him on and enfuriate him at the same time! It seems as though I just cant get enough strange cock! I find myself becoming so aggressive with men, I can't beleive how strong a desire i have to enslave a man into a life of perverted sexual servitude. I love to be worshipped and need a good little toilet bitch to to keep me nice and clean.

Taking on all those huge cocks can get messy.If you are good with your tongue and please me. If you do your job well , I may reward you with a nice stream of my golden hot piss. Even more rewards for those who deserve them. I have no taboos! ( Daddy taught me very well!) And love to roleplay.

P.S . Please don't tell Daddy. I can only guess how red my little bum would be. mmm, and how wet my pussy would be too!

My fave Fetishes
golden showers
ass worship, spanking,smothering
feminizing males
slave training

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