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Submissive Lindsay, a slave for all seasons...

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Lindsay is at your beck and call at 1-866-554-4533... | yahoo ID licking_lindsay

You want someone that really wants to submit to your every wish. your naughty bitch that needs to be shown her place. Someone that has to be put across your knee And if you want to play with your little girl without anyone knowing then you can play with me.

Letter to my New Master

I am want to truly learn from the best. Tell me exactly how to suck and gag on your huge thick cock. I know that right now I am not worthy of that honor and yet I also know that with your firm and not at all gentle hits you can put me in a place where i can earn it. I will love you tying me up and beating me with your belt and making sure that my ass is bright red for you. With your guidance and experience in more methods than I can ever imagine, I know that everytime I sit down my sore bottom will remind me that you will be back to give me more of the same. I will always have to keep learning because I dont know how to be anything but a very naught little girl.


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