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Welcome to Nikita's Fetish Hotel

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This 22 yr old canadian hottie is ready to rock your world! Your cock will never forgive you if u don't experience the treasures & pleasures of foot fetish erotica! Vacanties available: enter at your own risk as u will obey, slave!

I offer u the ultimate selection in foot fetish erotica and its all just moments away from you! I take great pleasure in showing off my sexy soles, high arches and my tight firm body for your pleasure. This babe can't get enough & i will take ur foot fetish to the next level as i tease and tantalize u with my toes.

Ever been forced to lick the salty, sweaty, smelly feet of an aerobics instructor after an excrutiating workout? You lie there helpless to resist as i stick my feet down your throat & command u to clean the toe jam from between my feet and no man is safe as my feet become the object of absolute worship and u bow down to become the foot slave you've always been!

If you love footjobs, you've hit the motherload. You'll be treated with the finest footjobs that will leave you breathless & aching for more...and thats only the beginnning. Try not to leave a big won't be easy!

How much can u take? One woman? Two women? This is where u r taken to extreme levels with me & one of my girlfriends. Only the strong survive punishing high heels and barefoot trample dished out by ur mistress/mistresses.

Is there anything more erotic than a beautiful woman using her perfect ass as a weapon of destruction? Worship that ass or suffer the consequences!

Wanna babysit this face, slave! I will smother you in hot wet sweet juices until u swallow every inch of me!

I love to be in uniform and here is just a taste of what is yet to cum; please note that nikki does have a large collection and these are only a few:
Masked catsuit, Cop uniform (accessories included), Military obstacle combats…salute!, Head nurse, Academy female student, Firefighter

Nikki's interests include:
Sex toys, Roleplaying, Masturbation, Facesitting, Male feet, Uniforms, Wet clothes, Boxing, Strip poker, Testicles, Exotic dance, Money slaves,

*nikki's wishlist*
Your wishmaster requests that you do a litlle shopping for her before you enter her hotel as this is what you've always dreamed a foot fetish would be!

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