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Jason, The Master of Sensual Domination for Ladies

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Master Jason takes only Keen Calls | yahoo ID jasons8upbad

You Know Who I am, Im that guy who lives down the street, the guy who you know lives Wildly and Parties all the time. Everytime You see me I'm cool and collected. Your boring old man thinks I'm cool too. He's always wanting to chit chat with me because he knows I'm living the life he only wishes he could have, driving badass cars and being free to have fun all the time.

I see the looks you give me when you are with him and I know what You are thinking. You know that you are hot and thats cool, but you are curious and you think that I would be such a good Fuck and you are right about that. You think that you can teach me a thing or two and you just might.

But what You weren't expecting is this:

You will become weak and helpless to me as I am in control and you will become "My Pet".

I do not care for the term of "slaves" as I think it would be demeaning of you.

The term "My Pet" is much more fun and erotic as you are my plaything. I will be Demanding of you but not demeaning.

Each and every one of My Pets are Special, Erotic, and Sexy.

I will find the Passion and Exctasy in You that NO ONE Else can.My Pet, YOU WILL Submit to me for an evening of pleasure !

You will allow your master to show you waves of orgasm that you never knew exhisted as i leave your body sweating and trembling with desire.

I WILL Command of You , AND You WILL Comply ! When I tell You to Fuck Yourself you will do it, Until I tell you to stop.

If You wish to touch me You will ask permission.

If I DEMAND that you touch me and my 8 1/2 inches of Thick Manmeat, Again, You will Anxiously Comply !

If you are loyal to your master, I will use you as my fucktoy.

I will use your body and you will enjoy it !

I will make you dizzy from exctasy and leave your body completely relaxed and exhausted.

I am Your Sexual Master, HOT ROD JASON

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